Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8: free to eat the apple pie

confession: i just ate a piece of apple pie and *gasp* it's almost 9:00 PM.  and i loaded it with whipped cream *second gasp*

i want to share with you why this is such a big deal, but the reality is, i am really tired!  i've been up since before 5 am and spent all day at a super cool conference.  i really wanted to skip today's post and say, "free to fail, it's bound to happen!", but my husband wouldn't let me!  (darn you, supportive husband)  ((totally kidding! i love him dearly and am so happy he looks out for me in my endeavors))  

the conference was awesome and affirming, and i feel like the Lord inspired a few topics for future posts from my experience today.  however, my mind is back in information overload status, and i need a little time to process....again!  

so, i'm using this post as a teaser.  you will have to tune back in to find out why the apple pie and how in the world is she tying this into walking in freedom???

mmmm....doesn't that look so good??
((it was!!))

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