Tuesday, January 31, 2012

new job!

well, i'm joining the world of blogs.....
adding "blogger" to my repertoire.

i don't care if anyone reads it, although i will pretend it's at the top of everyone's reading list for the day. ya know, i have a few blogs i follow; it's great reading material during late night feeding sessions with the little one :) it can be inspirational & encouraging to read & i feel as though it will provide a great outlet. so therefore, count me in.

now onto my post.....

this week i officially started my new job...my dream job: stay-at-home mom. i've wanted this job for as long as i can remember. when it came time to declare my major in college, i remember meeting with my advisor & him asking me what i wanted to declare because it was crunch time. i really had no idea, so he asked me what i wanted to do with my life. i said, "i want to get married & have kids." hmmm...that proposed a problem in the declaration process.

needless to say, 15 years, an undergraduate & graduate degree, & a few jobs later...my application has been accepted!

so today, i made my "to do" list & set out to get down to work (because yesterday i took a very lazy day & did nothing but fulfilled my duties of feeding & changing baby)

then i went outside....
this unseasonably warm weather won & eli & i set out to enjoy it. we walked over to my parents' house to let out their dog, ellie.

the bathrooms can definitely wait until tomorrow!