Friday, November 6, 2015

the big reveal.

 i can't tell you how many times i have sat down to write a post in the past few months, only to be distracted or lose my voice so to speak and find that i have nothing really of great importance to day.  i'll try to return, but my mind will have drawn a blank or i've lost the momentum of the post i was working on, and it sits unfinished in post queue to be forgotten.

today, however, i am bound and determined to finish this post because i have exciting news to share. nope, not pregnant, but there will be a brith of sorts, in the form of a new business.  this business has been on the horizon for quite a long time...maybe even a year or more, i'm not completely sure when the talk began, but my husband and a few friends have been suggesting i open a shop.  my husband, at times, insisting, that I NEED to do this!  and while the desire has been there, so has fear.  that ugly enemy of mine who tells me i'm not good enough.  i have been afraid of failure and that people would judge my work and that it would all just be a big waste of time and money.  and while these things could be true, i would never know unless i gave it a shot. i felt the call to kick fear in the a$$ and not allow those lies to keep me from doing something i truly enjoy doing, nor from producing what i feel the Lord has inspired me to create.  because truly, each time i sit down to create a new piece, whether original or a custom piece, it is an act of worship for me.  i turn my worship music on and allow the presence of the Lord to move.  each piece is born out of whatever the Lord impresses on my heart in those moments.

and so, i am launching "the good day shoppe", a place where you can find my worship in print through original hand lettered and hand drawn pieces, in addition to where you can order custom items such as prints, chalkboards or wooden signs.  at this time you can find the shop on instagram and facebook where you will be able to check out my pieces as well as place orders.

and as my finger hovers over the "publish" button, i hope and pray you join me on this wild adventure (and share with your friends!!)  (and right here is where i would place that "eek" know the one, right?!!?)

a few examples of my recent work.

the first 2 were custom orders and the others are brand new originals that will be heading with me to a  show where i will be debuting my shop!