Sunday, February 26, 2012

my week via instagram

i feel like this week was pretty low key...not a whole lot happened.
but not to worry, i do have pictures. i always have pictures! 

monday we had a family day & went to home goods & old navy.
we just started driving with no plan & that's where ended up.

eli really liked this hat. 
he asked for some jobs around the house so he could buy it.

 i liked being pregnant for many reasons, but one was i had no allergies.
i don't know how, but i promise they went away for 9 months.
they came back this week.

we finally had to order a new battery for my computer this week.
for months now i haven't been able to unplug my computer without it dying.
this week my battery exploded & now as i am writing this, my computer is unplugged!
it's the small things!

we hung out with mike's family this week
eli got to spend some time with his cousins, mason & mckenna.
he & mckenna are adorable together! 
eli can't wait until she gets bigger so they can play!

more family time.
i am loving this weather!!
but i am so glad i'm not teaching this winter because i would be dying!
i lived for snow days!

my favorite sunglasses busted & started getting stuck in my hair, ripping it out.
i was so bummed.

thanks to a coupon & a gift card from christmas, i got a new pair!

this is one of the greatest gifts i got while i was pregnant.
thanks, b! 
it's so wonderful & the tears flow for many of the songs!
here's one reason it's so good:

saturday night my mom & 2 of her sisters came over for dinner & games.
we played mexican train.
big fan...lots of fun!

a couple of days ago i pulled my curling iron out because i am soooo bored with my hair.
one day i started curling it, but quickly lost steam.
"what new mom has time to curl her hair?" you're wondering.
one whose child wakes up at 6:30 am on a sunday morning.
he went back down for a nap & i curled my hair. 
reminded me of when i was younger & i got my hair curled every sunday for church.
of course back then my mom used sponge rollers.
do they even make those anymore??

hope you had a great week!
looking forward to capturing moments this week!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

my week via instagram

i love taking pictures & all things photography! 
(check out our website:
(yes, shameless plug)

since discovering the world of instagram, i'm hooked! 
mike now makes fun of me, asking me throughout the day, "are you intsagramming this?"

documenting my week helps me remember what happened! by the time sunday rolls around, and people ask me about my week, i usually can't remember (thank you, post-preggo brain!)

so here's some of the fun from this week....

 eli tried avocado this week. i'm really hoping that he will have mommy's palate when it comes to food! 

 charlie had a bum leg for most of this week :( poor puppy was limping around on three sad! he did a lot of laying around & resting, but he's doing a lot better now!

 of course, it was valentine's day & even my clementine was in on the day of love! 

 mike & i LOVE fondue. last year we went to the melting pot...then we had a baby & i quit my job.
so, we made our own, though it didn't turn out quite as good, but is anything as good as the melting pot??

 another love of ours is breakfast for dinner. i found these pancakes on a blog this week & surprised mike! 

 eli gave me this card. need i say more?

and WHOA! mike gave me these....totally unexpected but absolutely beautiful!
we exchanged gifts as well & turns out pinterest was a resource for both of us this valentine's day!  
no fights this year!

 this is one of 4 meals that my dad brought us this week! yes, 4 meals! i forgot to take a picture, but one of them included crab cakes! spoiled much?

my sweet messy-faced boy :)

 this is one of only a few days of this week that eli got out of his pj's...lazy bum.
we went to breakfast with my mom & dad....yet another meal!
while i was taking this picture, he was farting sooo loud!!!  

 slobbery kisses from my little one :) love, love, love!

i started making some baby food this week.  sweet potatoes = yum!!
eli agrees. 

we had a leadership gathering on saturday for providence. i promise i was paying attention.

the highlight of this week was receiving this completely unexpected check for $700! 
praise the lord, he is our provider!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the greatest love

happy valentine's day!

we aren't huge valentine's's always been pretty low key.
in fact, valentine's day 2008 (i think) was the biggest fight we ever had. (the 'i-love-you-in-every-language-written-in-highlighter-on-computer-paper' fight)

in keeping with my DIY kick (obsession) as of late, my gift this year was found on pinterest (and i'm sure i am not the only one!)
i'm making a fun dinner i found (stalking) someone's blog & to be perfectly honest, i probably will not change out of my sweatpants & clothes that eli has spit up all over....romantic, huh?

when i was considering valentine's day & making my preparations, this song lyric kept running through my mind:

"how deep the father's love for us"

how often do i stop to consider just how deep that love really is?
sadly, not often enough!

on the day that we fuss over the right gift & the right card, do we stop to think about the greatest gift of love we've ever been given?


on this day that some people fret over being alone, know that Jesus is the greatest love that you will ever know.

on this day known for chocolates and flowers, may you "taste and see that the LORD is good"
psalm 34:8

i'm so thankful that Jesus loved me enough to make the ultimate sacrifice and that i can celebrate his love everyday.

i pray today you will experience the love of the Father, the greatest love, in a new way!