Sunday, February 19, 2012

my week via instagram

i love taking pictures & all things photography! 
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since discovering the world of instagram, i'm hooked! 
mike now makes fun of me, asking me throughout the day, "are you intsagramming this?"

documenting my week helps me remember what happened! by the time sunday rolls around, and people ask me about my week, i usually can't remember (thank you, post-preggo brain!)

so here's some of the fun from this week....

 eli tried avocado this week. i'm really hoping that he will have mommy's palate when it comes to food! 

 charlie had a bum leg for most of this week :( poor puppy was limping around on three sad! he did a lot of laying around & resting, but he's doing a lot better now!

 of course, it was valentine's day & even my clementine was in on the day of love! 

 mike & i LOVE fondue. last year we went to the melting pot...then we had a baby & i quit my job.
so, we made our own, though it didn't turn out quite as good, but is anything as good as the melting pot??

 another love of ours is breakfast for dinner. i found these pancakes on a blog this week & surprised mike! 

 eli gave me this card. need i say more?

and WHOA! mike gave me these....totally unexpected but absolutely beautiful!
we exchanged gifts as well & turns out pinterest was a resource for both of us this valentine's day!  
no fights this year!

 this is one of 4 meals that my dad brought us this week! yes, 4 meals! i forgot to take a picture, but one of them included crab cakes! spoiled much?

my sweet messy-faced boy :)

 this is one of only a few days of this week that eli got out of his pj's...lazy bum.
we went to breakfast with my mom & dad....yet another meal!
while i was taking this picture, he was farting sooo loud!!!  

 slobbery kisses from my little one :) love, love, love!

i started making some baby food this week.  sweet potatoes = yum!!
eli agrees. 

we had a leadership gathering on saturday for providence. i promise i was paying attention.

the highlight of this week was receiving this completely unexpected check for $700! 
praise the lord, he is our provider!

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