Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the greatest love

happy valentine's day!

we aren't huge valentine's people...it's always been pretty low key.
in fact, valentine's day 2008 (i think) was the biggest fight we ever had. (the 'i-love-you-in-every-language-written-in-highlighter-on-computer-paper' fight)

in keeping with my DIY kick (obsession) as of late, my gift this year was found on pinterest (and i'm sure i am not the only one!)
i'm making a fun dinner i found (stalking) someone's blog & to be perfectly honest, i probably will not change out of my sweatpants & clothes that eli has spit up all over....romantic, huh?

when i was considering valentine's day & making my preparations, this song lyric kept running through my mind:

"how deep the father's love for us"

how often do i stop to consider just how deep that love really is?
sadly, not often enough!

on the day that we fuss over the right gift & the right card, do we stop to think about the greatest gift of love we've ever been given?


on this day that some people fret over being alone, know that Jesus is the greatest love that you will ever know.

on this day known for chocolates and flowers, may you "taste and see that the LORD is good"
psalm 34:8

i'm so thankful that Jesus loved me enough to make the ultimate sacrifice and that i can celebrate his love everyday.

i pray today you will experience the love of the Father, the greatest love, in a new way!


  1. What a good reminder that God loves us!
    ..oh, and I think spit-uppy sweatpants are sexy. Hopefully Mike does too ;)

  2. Love this, Shan! So thankful He loved us first. (And thankful for Pinterest! :))


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