Sunday, February 26, 2012

my week via instagram

i feel like this week was pretty low key...not a whole lot happened.
but not to worry, i do have pictures. i always have pictures! 

monday we had a family day & went to home goods & old navy.
we just started driving with no plan & that's where ended up.

eli really liked this hat. 
he asked for some jobs around the house so he could buy it.

 i liked being pregnant for many reasons, but one was i had no allergies.
i don't know how, but i promise they went away for 9 months.
they came back this week.

we finally had to order a new battery for my computer this week.
for months now i haven't been able to unplug my computer without it dying.
this week my battery exploded & now as i am writing this, my computer is unplugged!
it's the small things!

we hung out with mike's family this week
eli got to spend some time with his cousins, mason & mckenna.
he & mckenna are adorable together! 
eli can't wait until she gets bigger so they can play!

more family time.
i am loving this weather!!
but i am so glad i'm not teaching this winter because i would be dying!
i lived for snow days!

my favorite sunglasses busted & started getting stuck in my hair, ripping it out.
i was so bummed.

thanks to a coupon & a gift card from christmas, i got a new pair!

this is one of the greatest gifts i got while i was pregnant.
thanks, b! 
it's so wonderful & the tears flow for many of the songs!
here's one reason it's so good:

saturday night my mom & 2 of her sisters came over for dinner & games.
we played mexican train.
big fan...lots of fun!

a couple of days ago i pulled my curling iron out because i am soooo bored with my hair.
one day i started curling it, but quickly lost steam.
"what new mom has time to curl her hair?" you're wondering.
one whose child wakes up at 6:30 am on a sunday morning.
he went back down for a nap & i curled my hair. 
reminded me of when i was younger & i got my hair curled every sunday for church.
of course back then my mom used sponge rollers.
do they even make those anymore??

hope you had a great week!
looking forward to capturing moments this week!

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  1. Our mom totally made my sister and I sleep with sponge rollers in our hair when we were little! Ouch! We hated it...and the pictures of our extremely poofy hair the next day are hilarious now :)


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