Friday, March 2, 2012

change is good, right?

i definitely get bored with things way too easily.
as you can see, if you've visited my blog more than once.
oh, new header?
new layout?
{i've only been through about 3 just today}
i get bored with the clothes in my closet about every 6 months, and so i do a purging.
  {not so good for my wallet because then i want to go buy more clothes}

i am currently experiencing boredom with certain rooms in our house:
the living room
our bedroom
our bathroom
when we moved in 3 years ago, i decided on an avocado green for the bedroom.
now i'm ready to repaint because i recently bought a quilt & sheets for our bed, and i don't like it with the green.
i never really did anything with our bathroom.  we still use the downstairs guest bathroom because we never got the shower fixed! we had been going with a beach theme, but yep, you guessed it, i'm bored with that.

the living room was already painted when we moved in, and while i didn't love the color, i decided i could live with it.  
that is until now!
part of the problem is that it's everywhere.
in the living room, the hallways, upstairs & the office.
way too much of one color....and it's not a great my opinion.

i was always known as extremely indecisive.
i've tried to become better at making decisions, but in certain areas, it seems i still have room for growth.
i'm just constantly changing my mind on things i like. 
{although a few things will never change: my dislike of pink, hearts & butterflies}
today i may think that i want to go with neutral walls with bright accent colors.
in 2 years i'll decide i want bright walls with bold patterns.

when does this madness stop???

one other small issue...
i'm the one who does these projects, yet can't seem to finish them.
what do you mean there's still tape around the kitchen windows?

so until i am motivated enough to complete a project.....

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  1. I'm the same way! If it weren't so much work to paint a room, I'd repaint every year or so! :)


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