Sunday, March 11, 2012

my week via instagram

 another week down & more pictures to share.  
this week went way too fast, but it's ok because on tuesday we are heading out of town for a few days.  we're super excited!  
can't wait to instagram our trip! 

until then, enjoy a glimpse into our world this week!

 monday i spent some time going through eli's clothes.
if his clothes weren't still piled high on our dresser {that's that whole completing a project issue i have},
then his closet might just look like mine!
people have been so good to us by giving us clothes & letting us borrow clothes.
it's so awesome!
but it also means he's growing out of things :(

i LOVE dunkin donuts coffee.
there's just something about it that just makes my day better & it's even better when my husband treats me to a cup of bliss!

 this is dink dink.  
he's my first baby & my most favorite cat in the whole world.
i think i have just as many pictures of dink that i do of eli. 
i just love him.

i thrifted {new word?} this hat at community aid this week.
too cute, right?

almost every time my dad stopped over to see eli this week, eli was napping.
so on one of our walks this week, we headed over to see him. 

#marchphotoaday is in full effect now! mike & i are having a lot of fun checking out each other's photos at the end of the day.  this week we had 2 photos that were the same without telling each other.  
that's my favorite: to see how much we think alike!

1.  "smile" -this is a page from eli's favorite book. it always makes him smile :)
2. "5pm" - this was eli at 5pm....ready for dinner.
3.  "something i wore today" - this is a bracelet my mom got me for christmas last year.  it was made in thailand & i love it!

1.  "window" - one of the photos that mike & i had the same...eli watching out the front window.
2.  "red" - hadn't been to target is over 2 weeks. figured i was overdue.
3.  "loud" - this was eli at 6:30am. crying....very loud! and also the second pic that mike & i shared.
4.  "someone you talked to today" - this is my wonderful friend, smitty.  i don't think she knew i took this.  haahaha i'm so sneaky :)

well, friends. that's my week. 
 hope you all had a great one.  
until next time....

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  1. LOVE Eli's new hat...and LOVE Community Aid. :)


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