Sunday, March 4, 2012

my week via instagram

can you believe it's march already??
where in the world did this winter go?
not that i'm complaining, of course, because winter is my least favorite season.
but we are that much closer to spring!! 

for family fun day this week we headed to long's park in lancaster.
i so wish this park was closer because i think i would go there everyday! 

just an fyi, we are a puma loving family! 
family fun day happened to be puma day too :)

this week moo {if i haven't mentioned this before, it's our nickname for eli}
got his first haircut.
it was getting so long in the front.
he had a mullet from birth, which only got longer in the last almost 6 months.
it was time!

tara, one of my oldest & dearest friends, and her family came to visit saturday.
it was so fun to hang out with our kids & have lunch together.
these are the days that we would dream about 15 years ago as roommates! 

this week we finally cancelled our cable.
i have to admit, it was a little difficult, but i'm excited to limit the distractions in our life!
means more time for reading!!

mike did manage to find some old school video games, so saturday night we played a litte super mario.
i remembered why i am not a big "gamer".
i stink!
i died within 12 seconds of every level.
think i'll stick to reading!

i teach pre-k at church once a month.  
some weeks i'm pulling out my hair remembering that i taught middle school for a reason.
but there is something so sweet about hearing their little voices reciting scripture & teaching them that jesus wants to be their friend forever!

mike & i decided it would be fun to take a photo-a-day challenge.
we are linking up with fat mum slim, doing the #marchphotoaday challenge on instagram.

1. "up" - my first thoughts were this verse found in psalm 121
2. "fruit" - i painted these for our kitchen a couple of years ago
3. "your neighborhood" - we live on the corner of mckinley & george
4.  "bedside" - just a few items that are on my nightstand

i'm looking forward to the coming week....
eli will be 6 months old tuesday!
more photo-a-days & family fun & maybe a few projects!

in the words of my hubs...
"have a good one!"

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  1. March 2012? Midway in my own blogging carreer!

    It was before my current main blog
    New blog on the kid

    and while I was certainly having the previous one
    Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera

    but had not yet finally abandoned my first one:

    all of which mix the languages English and French, articles being in either.


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