Sunday, March 25, 2012

my week via instagram

ok, so we are back on track!
as i mentioned before, i have those "i think i'm getting sick" feelings.
i just finished gargling with salt water.
yep, sore throat.
and just you wait to see what this week has held for me!
the week started out like any typical week.  

we hung out & enjoyed having the windows open in the house. 
{anyone else disappointed about the forecast for this week....which is, in reality, typical march weather LOL}

we also enjoyed some freebies this week:
first was rita's

& then brewster's 
{yes, we got free ice cream....a HUGE ice cream...just for wearing our pj's}

so 2 weeks ago i was at my parent's house & discovered that my dad had pink eye....
while he was holding eli {commence prayers of protection}

turns out, my dad loves to share...
 this was me thursday night.
hot, right?

mike took this pic:
i don't remember pink eye being so painful.

friday morning.
this doesn't even do it justice.
the entire white of my eye was blood red.
still is.

i tried hiding my eye by wearing my glasses for a few days.  
{we sent this pic to daddy one day to let him know we were thinking about him}

 we took eli to his first baseball game.
it was a very special day for mike.
a day he's been looking forward to for a long time!

saturday was a special reason for 2 reasons:
 it was dink dink's 10th birthday
 we went dress shopping with smit.  
can't wait to see what she chooses!

 i was supposed to go to the midnight showing of hunger games on thursday,
however, pink eye ruined that.
{though, to be honest, i don't know how i ever would've managed that one}
but i did get to go.
i thought the movie was pretty good, but sadly, i realized while watching the movie, there weren't too many details i could remember from the book.
i couldn't even remember how it ended!
thanks, post-preggo brain.

 i'm linking up again with fat mum slim for #marchphotoaday

1. "funny" - eli sucking his middle finger. not many funny things happened that day!
2.  "before/after" - drinking water...which lately i've been terrible at
3.  "delicious" - i love popcorn & it's become my new evening snack
4. " kitchen sink" - i'm getting better at keeping it semi-empty of dirty day at a time

1. "moon" - a page from eli's new fave book {one that his friend, bauer, left at our house before he was born}
2.  "an animal" - dink on his b-day
3.  "breakfast" - this will become my new fave breakfast: nutella & bananas on multi-grain waffles

 thanks for sharing in my fun for the week. 
here's to hoping i wake tomorrow with a clear eye & an unsore throat.
until next time.....



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