Wednesday, March 7, 2012


as a new mom one line i hear all the time is:
"enjoy this time because it goes so fast."

can i tell you how much i dislike this phrase?
no offense if you've said it to me before, but you're telling me to enjoy time with my child.

have you seen this face?
tell me, what's not to enjoy???

sadly, there are some parents that need to hear this....repeatedly.
but certainly not this momma.  

and the whole "it goes so fast" part...yeah,
i feel like every time someone says those words, they speed up the process just a bit.
we've gone from this to this to this in just over 6 months.

but don't you worry, i cherish every single moment i spend with this little boy.
every single time i wake up with him....even if it's every 3 hours.
every diaper i change.
every bounce that keeps him from fussing.
every smile that brightens his face.
every time he laughs {the sweetest sound on the earth}
every runny nose i wipe...& wipe...& wipe.
every ounce of spit up i wipe...& wipe...&wipe....&wipe.
every kick of his little legs.
every squeal he makes when he sees charlie & dink dink.
every sound he makes when he tells me about his day.
every tear that falls when he has to take a nap.
every tug of my hair.
every snuggle i get in.
every slobbery "kiss".

these are the moments i live for.
these are the moments that i have been training for my whole life.
i feel as though i've just been waiting backstage for my turn & now my time has come.
i will cherish every single moment that God gives me with this little boy.
i'm so thankful that He chose me as his momma.

no need to tell me to enjoy this.....
 done & done!!!

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  1. aww, that picture of Eli chomping on the blanket is so dear! love it :)


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