Tuesday, March 27, 2012

dinner is served.

i really enjoy cooking.  
my favorite is to cook for a lots of people.
don't get me wrong, i do enjoy cooking for mike, but i like making lots of food.  
it makes me happy & feel fulfilled when i can provide yummy food for hungry bellies.

tonight i made my favorite recipe.
it's kinda my signature meal.
i made it up a few years ago & it's made its way onto many a friends' dinner table.
i have decided that i would like to share it. 

i think it's worth sharing, so here you go:

oh, but let me warn you....i don't measure things when i cook.
{you'll have to forgive me for not offering a true recipe.}

oh, and it doesn't have a name other than "shannon's recipe".

start with a pound of ground turkey {you could use ground beef if you wanted}
i use a wok to brown it up in some olive oil:

then i cut up a bunch of veggies. 
i use red, yellow & orange peppers, summer squash & zucchini 
{and sometimes spinach & grape tomatoes}

once the meat is browned, dump in the veggies:

then comes some flavor.

i use crushed red pepper flakes, onion powder & soy sauce.
but here's the part of the "recipe" that is where i freestyle.
i like some spice so i do a few shakes of the pepper flakes.
i give the meat a nice covering of onion powder.
and probably 7 shakes of the soy sauce {i totally just made that up}

while the veggies are getting tender, i cook the rice.
i'm all about microwaving my rice using my pampered chef steamer pot.
great purchase!

allow it to simmer until the veggies are tender to your liking.
i personally like them very tender, but i know some people like them a little crunchier.

then check on the baby who is crying in the other room:
serve over rice & you've got yourself a great meal!

for some reason awhile ago i started eating mine with parmesan cheese.

so there you have it.
"shannon's recipe" as prepared by me.
let me know if you try it!

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