Monday, April 2, 2012

my week via instagram

just when we thought we were in the clear this week, the sickness decided to stick around.
and that's the just keeps going around & around & around.
remember how my dad started this whole thing with the pink eye?
well, he got it again.
and so did i.
and so did mike.
and so did my mom.
i'm really not sure how we are supposed to get rid of it.
or maybe we will set a record for the number of times the cycle goes around?

thankfully eli has been dissed by the sickness.
we had his 6 month appointment this week & he received a clean bill of health.
and it turns out that our little guy is in fact little.
he's only in the 20-30th percentile for weight & height! 
but i'm totally ok with this because i've seen some other babies around his age that aren't so little.
eli is absolutely perfect the way he is!

i love the days when i get some time to myself to just sit & relax & enjoy a cup of coffee.
eli's sleeping, mike's working & i take a break to put my feet up.
 i soak up the warmth of my coffee & just rest.

one day this week became a baby food making day.
i love making food for eli.
it brings me fulfillment knowing that i make what he eats.
my new favorite thing is to create fun combos of food. 

one thing the doctor was very impressed with was eli's ability to sit independently.
one thing i've been fascinated with lately is watching him sit & play on his own.
he grabs his toy basket, pulls it over & pulls something out.
it's just amazing to watch him grow & explore & discover, ya know?

sometimes mike goes to panera to work for a change of scenery.
this week we met him for lunch.
i tried the tomato soup & sadly, it was a big fail for me. 

saturday we had some kids over from church for a painting party.
we needed their help with painting a mural that will be hung up at church.
though it was a little chilly, the kids had a blast & it turned out great!

sunday afternoons are one of my favorite times.
eli takes a super long nap because of church in the morning & usually we sleep then too.
but this week i did a mini parenthood marathon.
i recently started watching "parenthood" on netflix.
i don't know if you've ever watched this show, but i cry at every episode! 
i don't know what it is, but EVERY single episode i've watched, i've cried.
and for me, this is how i measure greatness in a movie...or in this case, tv show.

this week the #marchphotoaday ended & a new challenge for april begins.

1. "key" - this is my key to my parents' house. mike says i'm a fake fan now that i have a kid. i'd like to disagree.
2.  "your name" - this is from a page in eli's baby book.  i love that "mommy" is now synonymous with my name.
3. "trash" - mike is the lucky duck who gets trash duty.

 1. "feet" - these are the cutest feet i've ever seen & the only {excluding future baby feet} that i will ever love.  if you know me, you know i HATE feet.  but these little toes i could eat up in a heartbeat.
2.  "toy" - this is my toy, which surprisingly hasn't gotten a ton of use lately.  
3.  "where you relax" - anywhere with a cup of coffee is where i can find relaxation.


  1. I started watching Parenthood on Netflix a few weeks ago. I cry every time too! That show just makes me feel so...happy! Sadly, I think I only have one episode left on Netflix..then I'll have to actually wait to watch the current season! :(

  2. Ah I love all of these! They make me want to document my life better... and to maybe just maybe want a baby. =]
    I haven't seen Parenthood yet but everyone who has tells me I must watch it. I've officially added it to my list.


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