Sunday, April 15, 2012

my week via instagram

well this week flew by!
how is it mid-april already??

this week mike started a new job at the y.
there are a few perks to working at the y...discounted membership, seeing tons of people...
but the best part is that we live 2 blocks away so eli & i can visit any time!

eli is growing & growing & becoming more fun everyday!
he's becoming an expert raspberry blower.

he's also curious about everything.
it won't be long until we have to start baby proofing.

and all you ladies better watch out for this little flirt.  

we had to go to target (yes, had to) to print some pictures out for mike to make a portfolio for a job interview.  
eli got a fun ride in the cart as daddy would send him cruising down the aisles in the runaway cart.  
he got a big kick out of it.

friday we hung out with some friends from church at a local park.
mommy enjoyed hanging out with other adults outside the house & eli enjoyed watching the older kids playing. 
we are looking forward to more days like these!
we also got in some good family time.  

here are 3 generations of rubins. 

here are my pics from this weeks photo a day challenge with fat mum slim:

1. "younger you" - this is a picture taken on my first trip to the dentist. 
2. "cold" - on this day my feet were not just cold, but freezing. we actually turned on the heat.
3. "where you ate breakfast" - i had to have breakfast on the road: chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie = YUM!
4. "stairs" - not too exciting...pretty self-explanatory

1. "how you feel today" - i was so tired all day & couldn't wait until i could take a nap.
2. "sunset" - not the greatest sunset pic, but a sunset nonetheless.

i feel like this was a pretty light post. 
i guess i wasn't too active in photographing our lives this week!

oh well, there's a new week to come!

until next time....

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