Sunday, April 22, 2012

my week via instagram

i don't know why, but the phrase "another one bites the dust" just popped into my head as a way to begin this post.
i feel like that implies that this week was bad or that my life is just one week fading into another.
rest assured, it was not & it is not!

we had a fun week filled with lots of family time & even a live car accident! 
{keep reading for details...}

our lawn has been weed central for weeks & mike finally mowed it this week. 
eli enjoyed watching daddy.  
i told him someday when he was big, he could mow the lawn. 

and when daddy mows, mommy gets the fun job of scooping the poop. 
eli can have that job too.

we had some family time at the park...though it didn't last too long.
not much for a 7 month old to do.
plus, it was soooo hot! 
i don't know if i'm ready for summer yet.  
i'm just glad i'm not pregnant this summer!

i had to run to the grocery store & when i returned home, eli showed off his new 'do.
daddy had fun playing hairdresser.
too cute, right?

one day we had a picnic lunch out at codorus. 
it was so beautiful out....though a bit windy on top of the hill.

then another day we went to visit daddy while he was doing some work at his office away from home: panera.
i'm really not sure why we were cozying up by the fire while it was so nice outside, but it was fun nonetheless.

i totally indulged in an iced mocha, but it was soooo good!
i started working out again this week {finally} so i didn't feel quite as bad.

no week would be complete without picking up a few needed items at the store.
we happened to score the last of these cute little babies.
we got a great deal too!

ok, so now the story you've been sitting on the edge of your seat for....
so saturday we were sitting in the living room hanging out & talking when all of a sudden we hear a crash, glass breaking, metal crunching & a scream.  
then we see a car come cruising up into the neighbor's yard across the street.
mike & his mom {who was here visiting} went running outside while i called 911.
it was a 3 car accident, 2 cars hitting head on & the 3rd in the neighbor's yard...missing that tree there by inches. 
miraculously, no one was hurt...maybe a few bruises and some whiplash, but nothing serious at all.

here's a better picture of the car in the yard. 
they ran over the stop sign & cruised in between this tree & another tree.
they also could've ran into the house.
it was crazy! 
it made for a lot of excitement on our corner.

after our adrenaline high, we hung out with a bunch of friends at a birthday party for our friends' son.
it was a great way to end the day!

i'm so bummed because closed down & now i can't do my collages for my #photoaday pics.
until i find another way to do it, i'll just have some really long posts!

day 16: "flower" - i love that i have my very own lilac bush outside! this is one of my favorite smells.

day 17: "something you don't like" - doing dishes. when i was younger i would clean the whole house for my mom before i would do the dishes.
unfortunately, i can't get out it now.

day 18: "hair" - i posted this twice because it was the perfect hair picture.

day 19: "orange" - i didn't know what to post for this one because we have a lot of orange objects in our's a favorite color of ours, but when i saw this orange car i thought it was such a crazy color for a car.  i really didn't think i had seen too many orange cars before & since then i've seen probably 15.  weird.

day 21: "bottle" - this is one of 2 huge green bottles that came from my grandparents' house. she had them sitting in her window with a bunch of other bottles & i always loved the way they looked. when my grandma passed away, i took them to always have that memory.

day 22: "the last thing you bought" - just a couple of things from one of my weekly trips to target.
{i actually bought coffee today but forgot to take a picture.}

yeah, i know, i missed day 20. i forgot to take a picture for that day. the story of my life: "i forgot".

anyway, i'm really bummed about the weather forecast for this week.
being stuck inside makes for long days, so we'll have to find something fun to do to document.

oh & i'm still working on my post about the food pantry.
i keep forgetting though that i need to finish it.

thanks for stopping by.
hope you all have a great week!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

my week via instagram

well this week flew by!
how is it mid-april already??

this week mike started a new job at the y.
there are a few perks to working at the y...discounted membership, seeing tons of people...
but the best part is that we live 2 blocks away so eli & i can visit any time!

eli is growing & growing & becoming more fun everyday!
he's becoming an expert raspberry blower.

he's also curious about everything.
it won't be long until we have to start baby proofing.

and all you ladies better watch out for this little flirt.  

we had to go to target (yes, had to) to print some pictures out for mike to make a portfolio for a job interview.  
eli got a fun ride in the cart as daddy would send him cruising down the aisles in the runaway cart.  
he got a big kick out of it.

friday we hung out with some friends from church at a local park.
mommy enjoyed hanging out with other adults outside the house & eli enjoyed watching the older kids playing. 
we are looking forward to more days like these!
we also got in some good family time.  

here are 3 generations of rubins. 

here are my pics from this weeks photo a day challenge with fat mum slim:

1. "younger you" - this is a picture taken on my first trip to the dentist. 
2. "cold" - on this day my feet were not just cold, but freezing. we actually turned on the heat.
3. "where you ate breakfast" - i had to have breakfast on the road: chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie = YUM!
4. "stairs" - not too exciting...pretty self-explanatory

1. "how you feel today" - i was so tired all day & couldn't wait until i could take a nap.
2. "sunset" - not the greatest sunset pic, but a sunset nonetheless.

i feel like this was a pretty light post. 
i guess i wasn't too active in photographing our lives this week!

oh well, there's a new week to come!

until next time....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

my week via instagram

well, here it is tuesday already & i'm just now getting around to my blog post for last week.
 i don't know why, but today really feels like monday to me. 
somehow i lost a day.
BUT this is supposed to be about last week, so moving right along...

i finally {FINALLY} tackled the project of transitioning eli out of our room completely.
up until last month he was still sleeping in our room in the pack & play.
when we returned from our mini-vacation, we moved him into his room.
however, all of his clothes & diapers were still in our room....piled high on top of our dresser.
 {mostly because his dresser was still sitting in the box}

so...momma tackled the dresser
my supervisor made sure i was putting it together correctly.

and the final product:

& because this was done, we were able to take our dresser back:
woo hoo!
i should've done a before & after shot to really get the full effect.

last week mike & i watched the movie "forks over knives". 
ever see it?
after watching it, we decided we wanted to go vegetarian.
it's a really interesting movie & changed the way we view food. 
now, we haven't started yet because i wanted to use up the meat we had in the house.
but we did make a trip to five guys for lunch to have a last burger.

we are trying the vegetarian thing for 12 weeks to start & to see if it makes a difference for us.
i'll keep you posted on how it's going. 

this week, because it was easter, my brother came home for a few days.
he lives in tampa so we don't get to see him very often...only a couple times a year.
it's always so good to spend time with him.  

the 4 of us went to full moon.
best sushi ever! 
i hadn't had sushi since before i was pregnant, so this was a very special treat!

and on a side note, can i just say that asian women LOVE eli. 
earlier in the week we went to a hibachi buffet with my parents & the waitresses spent 75% of the time we were there at our table playing with him.
at one point when mike was holding him, one of the waitresses came & took him from mike!
then at full moon, our waitress kept sitting down at our table to talk to eli.
we told my brother if he wanted to score an asian woman, he could take eli out & he'd have his pick!

of course, sunday we celebrated the resurrection of our savior....victory over death!
our service was awesome! 
we had 4 people from our food pantry come to church with us.  
after 2 and a half years, we are finally witnessing God's hand at work!
{more on this later}

then we headed to my aunt's house to be with family.

this is eli with one of my cousins' daughter.
she is almost exactly one month older than eli.  
they were having a blast hanging out!

almost forgot eli with his easter basket.
hit up the dollar bin at target for these sesame street books.
the boy LOVES books! 

daddy showing off his juggling skills.
eli got a kick out of this!

i started a new photo a day challenge linking up with fat mum slim.
it seems this month i'm going at it alone, but i don't care, i'm having fun finding ways to use my creativity to complete the challenge.

1. "your reflection" - heading off to church last week with some more pink eye, hence the glasses!
2.  "color" - eli's room definitely has the most color in our house.  i love how bright & fun it is!
3. "mail" - this is where our mail goes after we open it & it usually hangs out here until we get around to taking it upstairs to file it away.
4. "someone who makes you happy" - i know, way too predictable right? what can i say?

1. "tiny" - this is one of many tiny little toys that aunt jen & aunt jess decorated with at my baby shower. the moose is my favorite.
2. "lunch" - using up the meat this week i made some chicken pot pie & had some leftovers. 
3. "shadow" - stealing a shadow kiss with my love.
4. "inside your wallet" - pretty boring but at least right now it's organized!

as i mentioned, i do have some very exciting news regarding the food pantry, but i'm going to save that for another post...keep you on the edge of our seat & require you to visit again!

until next time.....

Monday, April 2, 2012

my week via instagram

just when we thought we were in the clear this week, the sickness decided to stick around.
and that's the just keeps going around & around & around.
remember how my dad started this whole thing with the pink eye?
well, he got it again.
and so did i.
and so did mike.
and so did my mom.
i'm really not sure how we are supposed to get rid of it.
or maybe we will set a record for the number of times the cycle goes around?

thankfully eli has been dissed by the sickness.
we had his 6 month appointment this week & he received a clean bill of health.
and it turns out that our little guy is in fact little.
he's only in the 20-30th percentile for weight & height! 
but i'm totally ok with this because i've seen some other babies around his age that aren't so little.
eli is absolutely perfect the way he is!

i love the days when i get some time to myself to just sit & relax & enjoy a cup of coffee.
eli's sleeping, mike's working & i take a break to put my feet up.
 i soak up the warmth of my coffee & just rest.

one day this week became a baby food making day.
i love making food for eli.
it brings me fulfillment knowing that i make what he eats.
my new favorite thing is to create fun combos of food. 

one thing the doctor was very impressed with was eli's ability to sit independently.
one thing i've been fascinated with lately is watching him sit & play on his own.
he grabs his toy basket, pulls it over & pulls something out.
it's just amazing to watch him grow & explore & discover, ya know?

sometimes mike goes to panera to work for a change of scenery.
this week we met him for lunch.
i tried the tomato soup & sadly, it was a big fail for me. 

saturday we had some kids over from church for a painting party.
we needed their help with painting a mural that will be hung up at church.
though it was a little chilly, the kids had a blast & it turned out great!

sunday afternoons are one of my favorite times.
eli takes a super long nap because of church in the morning & usually we sleep then too.
but this week i did a mini parenthood marathon.
i recently started watching "parenthood" on netflix.
i don't know if you've ever watched this show, but i cry at every episode! 
i don't know what it is, but EVERY single episode i've watched, i've cried.
and for me, this is how i measure greatness in a movie...or in this case, tv show.

this week the #marchphotoaday ended & a new challenge for april begins.

1. "key" - this is my key to my parents' house. mike says i'm a fake fan now that i have a kid. i'd like to disagree.
2.  "your name" - this is from a page in eli's baby book.  i love that "mommy" is now synonymous with my name.
3. "trash" - mike is the lucky duck who gets trash duty.

 1. "feet" - these are the cutest feet i've ever seen & the only {excluding future baby feet} that i will ever love.  if you know me, you know i HATE feet.  but these little toes i could eat up in a heartbeat.
2.  "toy" - this is my toy, which surprisingly hasn't gotten a ton of use lately.  
3.  "where you relax" - anywhere with a cup of coffee is where i can find relaxation.