Sunday, March 25, 2012

my week via instagram {missed week}

so i'm sure everyone was worried about the fact that i missed a week of posting my pics.
i got busy & then i started feeling like i was getting sick, so i laid low.
now i'm back with tons of pics to share.....though i can't say the "i think i'm getting sick" feelings are gone.  
i blame this crazy weather....and my dad.
stay tuned to my next post to find out why!

we headed down to williamsburg on tuesday thanks to groupon!
our first family vacay!

 this was our little home away from home for a few days.
we stayed at the historic powhatan inn & would highly recommend it.
it was a really great place to stay.  

here's eli testing out the bed for us.  

now as for colonial williamsburg....not exactly our cup of tea.
unfortunately we learned an expensive lesson in figuring this fact out.
mike took this pic to represent our feelings towards this lesson.

this was one of the highlights of our trip...taking eli swimming!
he was pretty indifferent towards the giant bathtub.
but he certainly looked ADORABLE in his swim trunks!

every friday i want to try to sneak some pics of our connect group & i finally managed to do it.
this group is a very important part of our lives.
we're very blessed to have them in our lives!
and yes, charlie is an active participant in the group.

 for the last {maybe...can't remember exactly} 7 years we have celebrated what we call 
"the sager family christmas".
it started with just myself, smit & the sagers.
then mike came along.....
and this year we added caleb.
we have never actually celebrated at's always been late january.
but this year our schedules were so crazy that we put it off until st. patty's day.
we exchanged gifts with the kids & gift cards between the adults.
we had to shoot them with the nerf gun in order to claim them. 
to top it off, we had breakfast for dinner:

green pancakes!
and just for fun:
green beer.  

then smit asked jen & i to be her matrons of honor.
woo hoo! smit's getting married! {finally :)}

 finally, we have the #marchphotoaday pics:
1.  "fork" -  monday of this week we had some of mike's family over for dinner. what a great time!
2.  "a sign" - our entrance into colonial williamsburg
3.  "clouds" - i was totally on cloud 9 when we found a sweet frog in williamsburg.
we LOVE sweetfrog & can't wait for it to open here!!
4.  "car" - this was the view from the car on our way home from our trip.

1.  "sunglasses" - my new faves
2. "green" - old faves
3. "a corner of your home" - where i rock & sing eli to sleep

now it's on to the next post....see you there!

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