Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7: what does pinterest know about freedom?

With a serious case of writer's block, I decided to scour pinterest for " freedom quotes" thinking that it would provide some inspiration, and I could get this post written.  It worked.

Here are some of the images that I found that have conjured up quite a few thoughts:

some people may find these to be incredibly inspiring and may want to hang them on their wall or have them tattooed on their foot.  i am not one of those people.  when i read these, i have to admit they make me laugh and make me a little sad.  forgive me if you found yourself to be in the first group.  i do not wish to offend anyone, but the truth is when i think about freedom and what i know about freedom completely negates these statements.  completely.  

because what i know about true freedom and how i define true freedom begins with the Cross and what Jesus did on that glorious day.  i know that it was nothing i or anyone else did or didn't do, for that matter, to win His affection that made him take that lonely and painful journey.   freedom certainly was given that day with no strings attached.   and to this day and every day after, there is nothing, nothing in this entire world that can take that freedom away.  sure, i have a choice to accept that freedom and to walk in that freedom, but it's definitely not a state of mind.  it is a matter of the heart and whether i make that choice.  it is a matter of choosing to walk in freedom and not allowing the bonds of sin hold me back from doing so.   

true freedom is definitely possible because here is what i believe about true freedom: 

true freedom is the result of a Savior who was nailed to a cross, whose blood was shed for the sin of this world.  
true freedom is in the form of amazing grace.  
true freedom welcomes me with open arms and hides me in the shelter of His wings.  
true freedom gives me strength in the face of the storm and fights my battles with valor.
true freedom makes my heart beat and shows me what it means to truly live.

this freedom is free and beautiful and so worth it all. 

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  1. Amen, Shannon!

    Pinterest kind of cracks me up. I feel like the quotes are usually all recycled ninety-eight million times and after Lara Casey's Influence session I've been side-eyeing them more warily than usual.


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