Thursday, October 17, 2013

day 17: free from our perceptions

i came across this quote tonight and couldn't believe how perfectly it fit with what was on my heart to write about today.  i've been thinking about this one a lot.  it's something that the Lord brought to my attention a couple of months ago and once again at Influence last month.  in fact, i felt like he kind of hit me over the head with the following statement:

"perception is not reality"

i know, it's a really simple statement and most of you probably thought, um, yeah, nothing new in that statement.  if you've been following along on this 31 day series, you might remember, i have been a believer of the lies for a very, very long time. (if you are just joining in, check out the link and hurry back!)  and those lies, they are very, very deceiving!  they cloud vision and distort reality like no other.  and hence, perception becomes reality.

recently i got a message from someone and within the message was this sentence:'s refreshing to know that those we see and think have it all together, are just like us who don't sometimes.

and i thought, you know, isn't it so true? don't we all think that there are certain people that just "have it all together"?  i know i do!  it made me realize how the enemy can use our perceptions to divide us. he uses how we perceive others to drive a wedge between people of different races, people of different socio-economic status, people of different religious backgrounds, believers and non-believers, and even believers and fellow believers.

i'm learning that sometimes the freedom of others starts with our willingness to take off our masks, step out in boldness and trust the Lord to do His thing.  as i shared before, i am really good at wearing a mask.  i'm really good at portraying that i might be one of those someone's who "has it all together", but i am so not one of those people.  and truthfully, i am not one of those people because they just do not exist.  perception may tell us that they do, but it is absolutely false.

so, that statement up there, learn it, know it, believe it!

i pray that the Lord will remove the scales from our eyes so that we may see reality and start believing His truth in order to walk in His freedom.

{joining in with the nester in the 31 days blogging challenge. you can check out other topics here!}

((oh yeah, and trying out a new look...what do you think??))

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