Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10: a free printable

i don't know what the weather has been like for you today, but around here it's been cold and rainy all day.  i really had the urge to do something crafty today and so i tried to get eli to have craft time with me.  it did not go as i had planned.  he was really into using "gue" and markers, but was not into completing the project i had for him.  i informed him that coloring the glue with the markers really was not the craft i had in mind.  so, i finished the craft for him, and we quickly put our craft supplies away.

the whole candy corn craft wasn't really fulfilling my personal craft bug, but i ended up wasting the afternoon away watching "parks and rec" and window shopping through etsy, so i never got around to being crafty.  

in light of my crafty mood, i decided that for tonight's post i would offer a little art for you all, if you would like.  i created a printable that you can print for yourself to keep as a reminder of our gift of freedom. 

click here to download 

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