Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4: Free to shut out the lies.

the events of this week have overshadowed my original train of thought for what this "series" was going to be about or how it was all going to unfold.  understandably so, but i feel like i should take a few steps back and explain why "walking in freedom".

we women are funny creatures.  so very different in so many ways and on so many scales but so very identical in one: we are believers of the lies.  you know the lies i'm talking about.  if you are a woman reading this right now, i believe you know exactly what i am talking about. (and if you are not a woman, i'm sure you know plenty of woman who are believers of the lies.)

perhaps these ring a bell:

"i'm not good enough"
"i'm not pretty enough"
"i'm not skinny enough"
"i don't fit in"
"i don't belong"
"my house isn't nice enough"
"my house isn't clean enough"
"she's a better mom than me"
"she's a better friend than me"

you get the point, right?


i have been a believer of the lies for as long as i can remember.  if i listed all of the lies that i have believed/still believe, i'm sure as an outsider, you'd think, now that's just crazy.  and i'd say, yes, i'm sure you're right, it is crazy, but you probably also know that the lies are so easy to believe in this crazy world we live in.  somedays they are just so darn loud and convincing!  

i'm sure as time goes on, i will share some of those lies that have held me captive for so long because they are such a huge part of my story.  but for now i'm just in a place where i recognize them for what they are: LIES, and i am tired of believing them and allowing them to be the author of my story.  i no longer want to be crippled by falsehood that has no place in my life as a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  

because the reality is that it is crippling.  it is painful.  it makes me weak in the worst kind of way.  if i believe what God says about me in His Word and i believe that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was meant to make me free, then it is time to put an end to believing the lies.  i believe i am in the refining process and barely on the cusp of a breakthrough, but i am ready.  

Because how am I supposed to walk in freedom while I'm crippled by the lies?

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  1. Shannon, I just want to hug you. Those lies are so awful! I'm with you on this journey.


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