Wednesday, March 6, 2013

influence network link up

i'm super excited about linking up with the influence network today.
i first learned about the influence network last fall through julie over at one simple red stitch when she attended the influence conference.
i quickly found myself drawn to the blogs of so many different women who have inspired me & encouraged me. 
i love the idea of a community of women who love jesus & wish to see this world transformed coming together to spur one another on. 

i'm excited to say that, lord-willing, in september i will be attending the influence conference!

short happy story on this:
a few weeks ago mike & i were talking about something & he said, "....when you go to the influence conference....". it took me by surprise because it's not something we have talked about before, other than me expressing a desire to go.  So I asked him to repeat what he said, to which he replied, "you know, when you go the influence conference."  i was so excited to hear him say this!  he proceeded to tell me he knows how much i would love to go & how he really wants to support this desire of mine.  as far as he's concerned, i'm getting to indiana one way or another come september!
awww, good hubby, right??

so in order to get know other "influential women", we are to:
1. share a picture of ourselves we love
2. 3 things about ourselves
3. what we've learned on the influence network

a picture:

here's a photo of myself that i like a lot, but it was taken almost 4 years ago.
there aren't too many pics that i even remotely like of myself lately, but if i had to choose one i guess it would be this:
{you can check out this post for the explanation on this one!}

3 things about me:

~i love music & feel that certain tasks CANNOT be completed unless there is music involved, such as cleaning. my taste in music is pretty much all over the place. my current pandora stations include: hillsong, gungor, jesus culture, mumford & sons, children's indie, disney, 70's lite rock, & jingle bell rock.

~if there was one food i could eat for the rest of my life it would totally be ice cream.  i love ice cream! my favorites are coffee & mint chocolate chip...though not together!

~i actually do not enjoy being on the computer, which is ironic since i started a blog.  i don't really enjoy typing & would much rather hand write something any day!

{if you'd like to read more about me, you can check this recent post.}
what i've learned on the influence network:
i have a confession. i just joined the network, but i did take a class last month & have been following the blogs of many women who are members.  what i've learned is that i love the hearts of these women & that everything about this network is making much of Jesus.  also, i'm all about all things handmade & businesses that give back & i've found so many great ones through this network. 

i'm really looking forward to meeting some of these ladies in real life!  
hopefully you are one of them!


  1. Just stopping by to say hello after joining the Influence Network today! I also love the idea of a community of women who love Jesus and want to share that and am inspired by all the creativity I have seen so far! And I definitely have to agree on the whole ice cream it!

  2. how exciting that your husband is so on board with the conference! looking forward to meeting you in September, Shannon!

  3. Can't wait to meet you at the conference, Shannon! Welcome to the network! Confession: I don't like typing on the computer, either. I usually only touch my computer 2-3 times a week. Everything is scheduled, and I usually use my iPhone to communicate with friends, read blogs, etc. Nice to meet you!

  4. I'm definitely more of a sorbet girl myself, BUT mint chocolate ice cream is my favourite. Mint anything - goooood stuff. I hope you find your way into the forums and just find yourself right at home.

  5. hi shannon, that is so sweet that your husband is on board. I haven't even expressed my desire to go to my husband because I know our money is super tight, but maybe I should mention it so he knows how much it is on my heart. I guess the good thing about blogging is that now you can meet people all over the country and then hand write them notes! Oh and I love ice cream too, but I recently developed lactose intolerance and am a bit bummed.. also my daughter gets all fussy and sleeps worse when I eat ice cream so it is a lose lose situation. At least I still have cake right?! haha

  6. p.s. I am your first bloglovin' follower! :)

  7. i can't wait to meet you in september! i would rather hand-write than type, too. and i'm in agreement: some things just require music for them to get done!


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