Monday, February 25, 2013

life lately

here are some words that i would use to describe "life lately":


maybe these will help explain my choice of words....

 this past week my boy has been sick.
when i became a mom i kinda forgot about that whole cleaning up vomit & diarrhea thing. 
when you have a newborn, spit up & baby poop are kind of exciting in a weird "i'm a new mom & i love everything about my baby" kind of way, you know?
this was, well, not quite so exciting.  
i think i did more laundry this week than i have all month!
so this week required us to lay low, but when baby boy is sick, it means quality snuggle time.

i did need a lot of coffee though. 

thursday night i was pretty concerned about dehydration so i asked a few friends to pray & friday morning, wouldn't you know he woke up at 6:30 am like nothing ever happened! 
the power of prayer!

but before this week....

 a roadtrip to visit my BF & Eli's future wife & brother-in-law

props to all moms of 3! getting 3 kids out the door is a job! 

"cheers" after fun at the gym!

 getting out to enjoy some sorta warm weather
(we take every opportunity we can!)
some bounce house fun

eli's finally starting to say some words & one day i found him wearing mike's press pass, pointing at the picture saying, "da, da, da"
so sweet!

donut date on fauschnaut day

mini-date with my love

this will soon be our new bookcases!

i'm finishing up the soul detox reading plan with she reads truth....good stuff!

ok so i have to explain this.
a couple of weeks ago i got a message from an old friend who recommended i try out for a Wal-Mart commercial.  She was trying out for one in her area & informed me that they were looking for moms in my town as well.  i thought, sure, what do i have to lose?
so here i am before my big skype interview trying out some reactions i thought they might like.
i did end up getting a call back to be the "alternate mom"....yes, the understudy.  
so i may not have caught my big break this time, BUT they did tell me i was on the priority list for the next time they come film here.  
don't worry, i'll keep you all in the loop!

being the "alternate mom" meant i had to be on call on the day of filming & therefore had to be ready & waiting should they need me.  you know, just in case!
so the night before i asked mike to help me look through my closet to help me find something to wear.
i mean, i could've been on tv so i had to look good, right?
my normal yoga pants and sweatshirt that i'd been wearing for 3 days just wasn't going to cut it!
the producer had sent me a dress code ~ all the things i could not wear. 
and all those things i couldn't wear, yeah, those were all the things i had in my closet.  
get a load of this ~ my husband actually told me i had nothing to wear!
can you believe this?
what man tells this to his wife?
that just meant an emergency run to Target!
remember, this could've been my big break.
and while we were there, we had a little family fun!

oh yeah & then there was valentine's day too...

first, the hubs let me have some "me" time so that i could work on a project.
now we finally have something hanging on our blank walls.  

then we exchanged gifts.
my hubs gave me an ipad mini!
i was so blown away!
 i cried.
(so in this post when i said i couldn't remember when i last cried, totally forgot it was this moment!)
it was awesome!! 
and still is awesome...i love it!

then we grabbed dinner from chipotle because it's one of our favorites!

whew! that was a lot. 
i hope life has been ___________ for you lately too!
(fill in the blank with any of the positive words listed above. i wouldn't want to wish you a smelly, tiring life, of course!)

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  1. What!! Congrats on your almost Wal-Mart commercial. That's awesome. :)


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