Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's day mug swap

I don't think it's any secret that I love to give gifts.
Christmas is my favorite time of year not because I get gifts but because I get to give gifts. 
If asked what one of my strengths is, I would say gift-giving. 
And please know that I say this most humbly, but I truly try to give gifts that people are going to love.
I am constantly making mental notes during my interactions with people so that when it comes time to give a gift, I'll have a stash to pick from.  
Even if we aren't close enough to exchange gifts, if we've known each other for awhile, I've probably figured out a gift that I would give to you were we to exchange gifts.
{that's probably weird, right?}

So one night while waiting for hubby to get home, I somehow stumbled across a new-to-me blog, 
Sew Caroline.
And on this new-to-me blog I discovered a wonderful little treat. 

I discovered that bloggers team up & host gift exchanges via the "blogesphere".
They pair you up with other bloggers & you exchange gifts & blog about it. 
How phenomenal!
Count me in!
 {yes, newbie right here!}

Honestly, I could have cared less if I got anything in return, though it really is fun to find a package waiting for you at the door! I just love the idea of making people smile & letting them know they are appreciated.  I think it means so much when you watch as someone opens a gift & this look of "Wow! How did you know?" sweeps across their face. I think it means so much when you receive a gift that shows that someone took time to pick out something truly special just for you.
{Can you tell yet that one of my love languages is gifts?}
I love when I receive a gift that shows that someone knows me, like really knows me, and didn't jsut run to the nearest store to have something nice to put in a box with pretty paper.
I don't like to waste money & I don't like to waste gifts. 
I want to know that my gift will be valued by the person I'm giving it to because I value them.
When I know I've picked out just the right thing, it brings me pure joy.

I was paired with Susan over at Garden Sage & I guess I'll have to wait to read Susan's post to hear her thoughts on my gift giving skills :)

But, would you like to see what I got??

Here it is when I first opened it. She did a great job of packaging this up!

Hooray for dark chocolate!
{I don't think those made it 2 days in this house}

If you know me, you know I like birds & have started a little collection.
Mike calls me "The Bird Whisperer" because I stop at nothing to save the baby birds that fall out of their nest every year into our backyard.  I drive them 45 min. to a man who runs a bird rescue & he emails me to let me know if he was successful in saving them.
Since this started happening, my collection has grown.
And now this little one joins them!
How did you know, Susan??

I sat him here for now with the only Valentine's decoration you will find in our house!

 Thank you, Susan for your gifts!  It was a blessing to be able to share this with you!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. How fun! Fellow professional gift-giver here. I love choosing the perfect gift for people. I never look at my sisters' Christmas lists, cause I feel like I know what they want better than they do. It's pretty much my sport. Glad to hear there are others who take as much time and care.

  2. (Just wanted you to know that I was not able to mail your package until this past Tuesday- and as MUCH as I wanted to overnight it to you so you could have it by Valentine's day, I could not afford to pay $29 in postage! I am SO SORRY this will get to you SO LATE, but I am hoping it will still brighten your day- your package to me certainly put a smile all OVER my face!)

    1. No worries, Amber! I did get it yesterday....just in time for Valentine's Day! Thanks so much! It was so fun to get yet another Valentine's Day gift!

  3. I feel the same way, giving someone a gift that you've made, shopped for from the heart are the best gifts to give!

    Such a cute birdie and a fun swap(;

  4. I just tagged you in a post--check it out for details!


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