Tuesday, February 26, 2013

That's Pintastic: White Chicken Chili

Recently we've had a couple babies born at church which means I've been in the market for some meals to cook.  When I'm bringing meals to people, I really try to do something different. Not crazy different because I want to them to eat what I bring, but something that is just different enough that I can be pretty confident no one else is going to bring them the same thing.  

When we had Eli, we were blessed by the meals we received, but we did eat chicken just about every single day that someone brought us a meal.  Please don't get me wrong, it was such a huge blessing to not have to worry about dinner, but let's be honest, chicken almost every day for 2 weeks.....kinda makes you want to not eat chicken again for 3 months.  And I really do like chicken!

The most recent meal I made is one of my new favorite recipes & I thought it might be fun to share because I found it on, yeah, you already know what I'm going to say, don't you?
Yes, Pinterest.

Which means it time for another installment of:

This recipe is for White Chicken Chili & seriously might be the easiest, most delicious ever!
You can find the recipe here.

Now you'll have to forgive my photos & lack there of. 
I have to admit that taking photos of food is not my thing, so this isn't going to be a step by step guide for you.
You'll just have to trust me that it's super easy, ok?

I mean really it's as simple as boiling some chicken, shredding it, opening some cans & dumping the ingredients into a pot. 

Just to give you a little variation on the recipe, instead of regular cream cheese, I use neufchatel because it's a little less fat, but you don't lose flavor.  I also add in tomatoes because I'm a fan of tomatoes in my chili.  The original recipe doesn't call for them.  

 I usually serve it with some tortilla chips & treat it like a dip. 
Seriously, so good! 

But I believe that all chili should be served with cornbread. 
I'm pretty sure it's a rule. 

So there you have it, folks. 
Your dinner one day this week.
You are welcome!
 {unless of course your husband is picky & won't eat beans. not mentioning any names.}


  1. This looks awesome. And you are correct about the cornbread rule! :-)

  2. It's TOTALLY a rule that you must eat cornbread with chili. Just saying.. :)


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