Sunday, March 24, 2013

my boys, the dentist & why i will need prayer.

as i sit here and type, my husband says to me, "have you done a blog post lately?"
i realized recently that i haven't done any "just because" posts, so here you go.
here's a look at what's been happening around here.

let's talk about these two.
recently, eli has been all about daddy.  
when i dress him in certain things, like this sweatshirt or a collared shirt, he says, "da da" because he knows daddy has the same one or something similar.  then he gets really excited about wearing it.
on this occasion, he wanted to wear his sweatshirt and a hat just like daddy.  

i love watching them have fun together.  
isn't there something so endearing about a daddy and his boy?

daddy's been really excited about teaching eli about march madness this week.  
i think eli's just excited to shout "ball" every 45 seconds.

this week i went to the dentist for the first time in a very long time. 
5 years. oops.
not because i have a crazy fear of going to the dentist. 
in fact, i love it. 
i've been going to the same dentist for over 30 years. 
{my dentist also happens to be my uncle. why would i go anywhere else?}
so why 5 years, you ask?
i'm not really sure! part of it was the last year or so we didn't have insurance, but the other years?
i guess i just got busy?
needless to say, i was nervous! 
going to the dentist, for me, has always been a bit of a boost to my confidence. 
i was nervous that after this long, there might be a blemish to my "perfect" record. 
i'm happy to report that my record remains unstained. 
 and just for fun, here's a little treat for you:
 a picture from my very first trip to the dentist! 

speaking of firsts, this week we took eli to his very first circus.
it was certainly not barnum & baileys, but it made my dad so happy to be able to take him. 
 i'm working on a project for eli for easter. i'm pretty excited about it, and i'm really hoping he likes it as much as i think he will!
i'm thinking about posting a tutorial on here at some point. 

today we celebrate the birth of dink dink!
he's 11 years old. 
when i got him 11 years ago, i randomly chose march 24 as his birthday. 
i really have no idea why. i guess it seemed like a good day for a cat's birthday at the time!

so this week my friend jen wrote to me to let me know that the CM director at their church had won 2 free tickets to the orange conference in atlanta in april and said they wanted to give them to us.
mike isn't able to go because of a lack of vacation time, so that left me to make the decision to go without him. 
knowing i want to go to the influence conference in the fall, i didn't think it would be possible financially.
jen writes me back the next morning to let me know that my airfare would be paid for as well. 
i told her it would come down to praying for enough courage to be able to leave eli for a few days. 
we attended the orange conference in 2011, and it was awesome!
i knew that it would be such an amazing experience to keep the passion burning for children's ministry.
but leave my baby for several days?
yes, leave my husband too, but i've spent time away from mike before. 
i've never been away from my baby.
{moms, you know what i'm talking about, right??}
but i also know that i did not want fear to be what was holding me back, so i said yes.
friends, i will be needing A LOT of prayer at the end of april. 
A LOT!!!!!
hope you all have a great week.
is it really going to snow tomorrow??
here's to sunny skies & warm weather!!!


  1. I'm so happy you get to go to the Orange Conference!! Eli will be just fine :) It is SO hard leaving our babies...Matt and I had to leave Kellyn and Jude last summer for FIVE days. Keep busy--it makes it easier! :)


    1. shannonMarch 25, 2013 at 2:22 PM
      I'm really excited about going because its a total God-thing, and I'm really appreciating all the encouragement that I'm getting! There's gotta be a first time for everything, right?

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  3. You guys are so cute! So pumped you get to go to the Orange Conference!

  4. I love how kiddos form such strong bonds with their parents. Precious :)


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