Wednesday, March 6, 2013

snowstorm of the season

we've made out pretty good this winter as far as snow goes, in that, we haven't had much!
i'm not a big fan of snow. 
before i became a mom, snow was my favorite because i was a teacher & snow meant snow days.
no school!!
hubby & i could spend all day in our pjs. 
i could spend all day snuggled up reading a book.
 though these days i can definitely spend all day in my pjs (yep, happens quite frequently), i don't get much reading done.

wednesday we were supposed to get a big snow storm. schools were closing the night before even before a flake fell from the sky.  i guess because we haven't had snow is so long, people were forgetting what it was like! 
and when we woke up.....i'm not even sure we had 3 inches!
some storm.

but since this was the last of the snow we will see for awhile, we took eli out to play in the snow for the first time. 
 i had to get some good use out of the $2 puffy coat i scored at a local thrift store earlier this year!

i had to document it too so that he knew that there was a day that mama came out in the snow with him. (playing in the snow with my kids will be a labor of love for me. i dislike it sooooo much!)

this boy & his sticks.
he just loves them!

poor dink had to stay inside.

i think he could've stayed out all morning, but mama was freezing.  
he threw a fit when it was time to come in.   
all he wanted to do was shovel & shovel & shovel some more. 
soon enough we will venture outside, though we won't be wearing our puffy coats!
this weekend it's going to get close to 60 degrees!!
come on, spring!

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