Tuesday, March 12, 2013

it's been one of those days...

so i am 100% sure you know what i'm talking about.
one of those days.
the kind where you'd like nothing more than to crawl in a closet & hide.
or maybe crawl in your bed & scream in your pillow? 
that's what today has been like.

it's been realizing the mortgage and the february heat bill is due & the bank account won't quite accommodate both payments. 
{remember how cold february was??}
it's been having a fussy toddler who only seems to be fussy for you. not daddy. not pop pop. just you. 
it's been realizing it's 1:00 pm & you haven't had your coffee yet.  
 it's been thinking that less than 24 hours ago your house was somewhat clean, save a good vacuuming.
oh and realizing you desperately need a shower but just don't have the energy to do it. 
and tripping over one too many matchbox cars in the kitchen. 
and having a sink full of dirty dishes staring at you in the face. 
and you've eaten one three too many brownies.
AND it's pouring down raining to top it all off. 

hmmm....sound familiar?

at one point, i just had to stop & pray & ask God for forgiveness because i didn't think today was a day in which i was doing my best to be Christ-like.  
and then a song started running through my head. 

"Lord, I need you, oh I need you.
Every hour I need you.
My one defense, my righteousness.
Oh God, how I need you."

oh yes, i need You, Lord!
more like every minute!
i love the part that says, "my one defense" because He truly is my one defense.  
He is the only reason i get by on a lot of days.
He is the one who fights the battles when i don't have the energy to put on the armor. 

and after i sang through this song a few times, i began to focus on my devotions this morning which were on thankfulness.  
of course, it's easy to be thankful when things are going great.
when our kids are well-behaved, when our bills get paid on time, when the house is clean, when we've had our coffee :)

and of course it's easy to want to be grumpy when you're in the midst of one of those days, but i just started thinking about things i was thankful for today.

here is a small list i came up with:

~God is on my side & always has my back
~God always provides
~Dinner is cooking in the crock pot!
~i'm drinking my coffee & it's a brand that i had on a trip to a Seattle a few years back, so i'm reminiscing on some good times
~i got up early & had my devotions first thing this morning
~i already went to the gym {so i don't feel quite so bad about those brownies}
 ~i've got a healthy, usually happy little boy who i'm over the moon about
~my hubby loves me despite my greasy hair
~i get a nice break to just sit & relax & write
~the meeting that was supposed to be at our house tonight was cancelled, so cleaning can wait till tomorrow
~the rain stopped & the sun is trying to peep out
~earlier today i saw buds on my lilac bush

as i write, i am filled with joy!
it feels so good to ponder the little things that i am thankful for!

so if you find yourself in the midst of one of those days, may i suggest grabbing a cup of coffee and something to write with & make a list. 
pretty soon, i'm almost positive you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face!

A Royal Daughter


  1. making a list of the things I'm thankful for always helps me too :)

  2. Okay... A) I love those workout shoes! B) I admire that you can make edible food in a crockpot. C) I am loving this post girl. We've all been there. I know I relate. I also know that as I am here at work (yes, I should be working right now... that's beside the point) I would sell my pinky toe to be at home with my kids. When "those" days come, that list... ohhh that list. So glad you turned your eyes toward heaven. That's what matters!!

    Thanks for linking up with Into the Word today. I just wanna hug you... and come eat brownies too. :)


    1. I tried to tag you in a tweet, where I shared this post. @shanwheat21 isn't a user. I'd love to follow you. Can you send me your Twitter name/handle (whatever it's called.. hahaha)?

    2. Thanks so much for your kind words! I recently changed my twitter name/handle....yeah whatever it's called....it's shannon_rubin
      I always have the hardest time with choosing those things!

  3. It always helps when we focus on the good things in our lives. I love your list.

  4. Hate those days. Focusing on the good things God has given us is the best thing to help! That has become one of my favorite worship songs :)


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