Thursday, March 21, 2013


"worship in the chaos of life."

this might be my new favorite quote.
it came from our message at church on sunday from a series called "the most powerful thing we do".
when i heard it, i wanted to shout out "YES!!"
it resonated deep within me because this is something that i do!

i know i've mentioned it before, but i love music.
and music of the worship absolute favorite. 
there's nothing like turning on music that uplifts & encourages & comforts & allowing it to flood my heart & soul with truth.

i'd like to share with you some of the songs that i use to "worship in the chaos of life".

in those times when i need comforted, when i need to feel the Father's touch, i listen to this:

i love this song because i hear the Father so clearly inviting me into His arms.
to rest in the palm of His hand.
to find shelter in His wings.

there's also this one:

{please excuse the not so great video, there weren't a lot of choices for this one}

"i'm the only one who knows your heart's desries"
"and i know you through and through, there's no need to hide" 
these lines remind me that i am known by Him.
He knows me better than i know myself.

for the times i need to be reminded of God's faithfulness, i might choose this one:

"oh, my God He will not delay"
He ALWAYS shows up on time & i can always trust Him to do so!

when fear sets in,  i like this one: 

and sometimes, when i just don't have the words, this is a great one:

sometimes it's enough to just thank Him for the cross & His sacrifice.
to be reminded that He gives Amazing Grace each & every day.
and that because of the scars He bears, i have been given hope.

and when i just want to celebrate, i might choose this one:

i just LOVE this song!
this is one of those songs that i can't help but to belt out! 

seriously, i could go on & on!
a song for every occasion, but i'm pretty sure you get the idea!

worshiping in the chaos of life to me means facing the mess & the trials & the busyness & the craziness with hope in the One who has defeated the grave and allowing Him to reign in that chaos.

recently i read this & wanted to share it with you:

"Singing cheerful songs of blessing and glory and grace is an act that is good and right and often timely. But there is beautiful worship for all of us in recounting:
These are my afflictions. This is my God. He has the right to use my life how He deems and I will not respond as one who knows no hope. No matter the trial, I will not be prevailed upon. I will respond as a daughter who counts it an honor to identify with my Savior in suffering and sacrifice. When you pass by me, in any season, you can be certain that the blessing of the Lord is upon me."

this is what i aspire to be able to proclaim!

what about you?
what are some of your favorite songs to worship to in the chaos of life?

A Royal Daughter


  1. Hey there! Popping over from Desire to Inspire. I am a lover of worship music and I adore Jesus Culture and all of the amazing worshippers (is that a word? lol!) that come out of Redding. My church has a special connection to Bethel so we have the privilege of having them come visit when they are in the Bay Area. As to your question, I can just about put on any of their albums and just get lost in God's Presence. There is just a gift of ushering in and hosting the Presence on all of their music. Thank you for sharing some of your favorites. You've inspired me to do some more searching. It's been a while. :)

  2. Just to let you know, I tried to clicking the links you have to fb, pinterest and instagram and they didn't link to the right places. :-/

    1. Thanks for stopping by & thanks for letting me know about the links! I'm not sure what happened!! Wow, it must be awesome to worship with Jesus Culture and Bethel!!

  3. I like, "Shannon you are still Shannon." That's a good medley of some great "powerhouse" oldies! :p

  4. Thanks for sharing Shannon! I hadn't heard some of those songs! I wrote about worship today too--I'm excited to be able to let myself go and worship without caring about what others may think.

  5. I honestly don't think I've heard of any of these songs. Where in the world have I been? Thanks for sharing!


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