Saturday, November 24, 2012

just call me thrifty.

lately you will find me scouring blogs out there like the following:

plus others that i find via pinterest but forget to bookmark.
{and kick myself for later}

i've had the itch to redecorate for awhile now.
{anyone remember this post?}
 well, the time has come & i'm really excited about what's about to go down in our house!
i've taken a lot of mental notes,
i've taken a lot of mental pics,
and a vision has been born.

one of the things i've learned is how to shop at goodwill & other thrift stores to find treasures among the items that someone no longer wanted.
it's become my new favorite thing to do.
i go looking for items that i can do "projects" with.
i'm all about the homemade, diy, & thrifty projects i will be able to use to
decorate our "new" living room.
my husband just shakes his head at me because he'd probably call me addicted,
but i've always had the bug for making it my mission to get the best deal i possibly can.
{i once bought a brand new purse for 52 cents}

so for my birthday i requested a day spent antiquing & thrifting
& i'd love to share my wares with you!

{from top going clockwise}

~this crate was $1. yes, that's right.  i know, i was excited too! i'm not quite sure what i will use it for yet, but for a dollar, i will find a use!
~these vintage books were 25 cents a piece.  i love the idea of decorating with vintage books because 1) i love books & 2) they are always such great colors!

and real quick, can i give you a close up of the red one:
a vintage "my utmost for his highest" by oswald chambers.
probably one of the best devotionals i've ever read.
the inscription on the inside cover was a birthday message, so i felt like i was meant to have it.

ok back to the pics:
~this wooden structure { for lack of a better term} might appear to be quite ugly, but imagine with me a coat of spray paint, perhaps white or cream & now i have a cool new way to store my jewelry.
~i admit i do have a slight obsession with mason jars. and the blue ones are just so pretty!
~then there's this array of odds & ends like the orange candlestick {loved the color}, milk glass vase, glass jar, tin planters & a silver tray. 

all of this for less than $20.

i've got a few other "treasures" that i've already begun turning into little beauties that i will be posting about in the near future.
i hope that you'll join me on my newest journey & tell my husband it will all be worth it in the end when i've saved us tons of money with my crazy visions and daily projects!

 anyone else out there love to go thrifting?
ever created something awesome?
i'd love to see it!

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