Sunday, November 25, 2012


no sooner do we put the dishes away from the thanksgiving feast do we break out the ornaments & christmas wreaths. 
don't get me wrong, i love christmas & all that comes with it.
i love the decorating, the music, the lights, the baking, the scents, the shopping & creating of gifts.
however, i feel like, for me, i have to let the thanksgiving meal digest before i get into the spirit. 
we have a tradition of getting our tree the first weekend of december & allowing all things christmas to invade our lives. 

and before that can happen,

starting the painting this week...ahhhh!!!

and now for the weekly edition of

1. long waits at the slowest bank in america
2. finishing up some painting in order to start more painting
3. my newest fashion accessory (face masks are sooo cool)
4. walks around the neighborhood
5. sensitive eyes
6. yummy food i can make when my hubs is working
5. after bath fun

1. birthday breakfast
2. thanksgiving treats
3. thanksgiving snoozes
3. naps with friends
4. nosey little ones
5. picking out paint
6. lazy, cozy sunday nights
7. sleepy cousins
8. "to him, about him" #shereadstruth
9. "the lyrics of truth" #shereadstruth
10. treasured moments

have a great week, everyone!

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