Thursday, November 22, 2012

a very thankful birthday.

this is the number of years i have now inhabited this earth.
is it really possible i am entering my mid-30's???

recently we went to a field hockey game that mike was covering. 
he started asking me the rules of the game because i used to play.
my response was, "i don't know, that was 20 years ago."
i almost choked on the words!
20 years ago?
i was a freshman in high school 20.YEARS.AGO.
{imagine me looking at you with extremely large eyes}

my dad tells me that the only really important birthdays are the decade birthdays: 30, 40, 50, 60, etc.
everything in between, he tells me, is non-essential.
{or whatever word he makes up to mean non-essential}
i realize 34 is a completely random number.
have you ever known anyone to love the number 34?
well, i take that back.
it was charles barkley's number & you should know if you don't already, 
i do love me some sir charles.
aside from that, i guess it is a pretty unimportant age in the grand scheme of things. 

however, on my 34th birthday, being that it's so close to thanksgiving, i can reflect on the awesome blessings i've had since my last {non-essential} birthday.

  • i experience the love of my Heavenly Father on a daily basis & he takes me just as i am
  • God has blessed us by providing so that i can stay home with our son just as i had always dreamed
  • He's also provided a job that mike loves & does well
  • my husband works hard in order to support us
  • our marriage has been tested & grown by God's grace
  • i've learned so much since becoming a mom ~ love in its most beautiful form
  • we've witnessed the growth of eli in such remarkable ways: sitting, standing, walking, kissing, hugging, hi-fiving, knuckle-bumping, eating & eating & eating, mimicking, playing, loving, snuggling, & sleeping through the night :)
  • we got to create some memories with a few family trips
  •  i get to watch on as my parents experience grandparenthood for the first time ~ it brings me such joy
  • we are reaching people on a weekly basis by providing food through the food pantry
  • we serve on a weekly basis at our church that we love dearly
  • i participated in the beautiful wedding of one of my very best friends
  • God has kept us all healthy and sick-free
  • i'm learning to be more content with what i have & who i am
let's be honest, i could never contain my blessings list to one blog post.
big things, little things, there are far too many. 
but now i enter into another year of life looking forward to what's in store.
to see what's been written in this chapter of my life.
alright, 34, bring it on!


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