Sunday, November 18, 2012


alright, can someone please tell me how it's possible that november is almost half over????
my birthday is next week. {insert big smile here}
thanksgiving is next week.
christmas decorations are popping up everywhere.
i mean, we are definitely having fun, but i feel like i must have missed a few weeks somewhere.
 good thing i'm an instagram addict!

i spent the beginning of this week visiting one of my favorite people, my bff, bethany.

here's eli & i setting out on our roadtrip

then we got stuck in traffic.
buzz kill.
but we made it, and we had a blast.
i love that though we don't get to see each other often, we just pick up where left off.
sure, we have things to catch up on, but we still laugh & laugh & reminisce about the crazy things we used to do. 
{of course post babies, it takes us a little longer to remember some of those things}
one purpose for our visit was to meet eli's future wife, baby izzy.  

 we decided that we needed pictures of them as babies together so that when they get married in 25 years we can break the pictures out at their wedding. 
we tried to get pictures of the boys {she also has an almost 2 year old, bauer}
but photographing two active boys: not so easy!
those pics are on the camera & someone borrowed our camera, 
so you'll just have to take my word for it.

we were very sad when it was time to come home. 
oh how i wished we lived closer! 

but it was good to get home to see daddy since last week he had been out of town for work.

lots of snuggling happening around here!

while we were at b's, eli had fallen down {what's new? #storyofhislittlelife} & on wednesday, he woke up with his very first shiner. 
one of my friends & followers on instagram threatened to call social services on me.
sometimes i wonder if i'll have one of those accident-prone kids.
be one of those moms that the nurses in the er have on the radar. 

so about every other week i contemplate getting rid of my facebook account for so many reasons, really, but i haven't brought myself to do it yet. 
and this week, i found one more reason to keep it.
i used it to my advantage to request the donation of old matchbox cars to my car-less son.
within minutes of hitting enter, i was hit up with numerous willing donors. 
would you believe that i searched yard sale after yard sale & found not one little car?

he was so excited! 
he loves them!

i haven't done a great job this week with keeping up with she reads truth, but here's a verse that spoke to me this week.

especially when one of my tasks this week was folding bulletins:
i really don't mind doing it; 
it's hard to imagine that folding paper could be something done "unto the lord". 
but it seems pretty clear: not some things or once in a while or half the time.
WHATEVER you do. 
makes you {me} think about how you {i} conduct yourself {myself} in all things!

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