Sunday, November 4, 2012


it's sunday night.
 i'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee while my {not so} little brother eats our leftovers from our first thanksgiving dinner of the month.
he came in this weekend for a wedding & requested a family thanksgiving since we don't get to see him for thanksgiving anymore.
my mom cooked, i hosted & it was a wonderful evening. 
but oh, i couldn't wait to pull on the sweatpants & baggy sweatshirt.
but such a great way to end the week!

 this week started out, of course, with hurricane sandy coming to town.
thankfully, by the grace of God, we only experienced some water in the basement.
we kept waiting for the limbs to fall off our tree out front {because they always do},
but nothing!
but we used the storm as a great excuse to stay in our pjs all day  & eat all the food we thought might go bad if we lost power.

you can see here charlie was waiting & watching.

we were so grateful that this was all we had to deal with. 

eli lately:

each stage we experience with him is awesome & amazing & fun.
this is my favorite so far
{i say this knowing there is so much yet to come}
i love that he's beginning to mimic us & we witness what we teach him.
i love that he's such a little ham.
he loves to make faces & laugh & make people laugh.
i can't get enough of that little face.
my cup overflows.

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