Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a day for the history books

yes, it is election day & it is a very important day, but i will get to that in a bit.
today is a very monumental day because today was the first mini-emergency in the rubin household regarding our little one.
now, please note, i use the term "emergency" for lack of a better term.
i fully realized at the time that it was not emergency room material.
however, it was much past the stages of "let-me-kiss-it-and-make-it-better".
you see, my son had blood gushing {and i don't use that term dramatically} from his finger.

i had let charlie out so we were playing in the den until charlie was done his business.
all of a sudden eli starts crying, but i have no idea why because he was still in the same spot he had been 30 seconds before.
he put his hands down on a box that was sitting in front of the chair in the room, and when he moved his hand, there was a puddle of blood.
naturally, i was quite surprised because i had no idea where this blood would be coming from. 
i then realized he must have cut it on one of these bottles:
i have 2 of these big decorative bottles from my grandmother's house, and
one of them got broken somehow several weeks ago.
the top part where the cork is broke off, but it was a clean break so i really didn't think it was a hazard.
i had even run my fingers over it to make sure the edges weren't sharp.
guess i was wrong!
so eli's crying, blood is gushing & i'm trying to retrieve any info that i learned in first aid. 
apply pressure and raise the wound!
ok, but they didn't teach me what to do when the 14 month old patient doesn't want to cooperate.
i had no way of telling how deep the cut was so i figured a trip to the doctor's wouldn't hurt.
i called mike, who had just arrived at his staff meeting, to tell him he needed to come home so we could take eli to the doctor.
thankfully the doctor is only 2 blocks from our house & they had no patients at the time. 
poor baby cried harder when he saw the nurse come in than when it happened.
they got it cleaned up & showed us the nice little slice mark on his thumb. 
the funny thing is, i had planned on taking him in today to get the second part of his flu shot. 
so we figured as long as we were there, and he was upset anyway, might as well go ahead and do that too.
 to make up for it, we let eli "ride dirty" in the car.
don't judge, but that's what we call it when we let him ride in the car without sitting in his car seat.
i know what you're thinking, if they have a name for it, they must do that a lot.
not really, only a few times.
mostly when we went yard sale-ing in this one huge neighborhood.
he thinks it's the coolest.
we like to make him smile.
and after all that, he needed a smile.

don't worry, i made sure to snap a pic of the aftermath:

{it was also all over his face, pants and socks.}
i wanted to get a picture while the blood was gushing, but i didn't think subjecting my crying, bleeding child to a photo shoot was really "mother of the year" material. 
probably thinking of taking a picture at that time wasn't really 
"mother of the year" material.

i couldn't get a good picture of the boo boo after the blood {surprise}, but here is his little boo boo hand clutching kitty, who makes everything better.


and now for my thoughts on the election.
i tried to get into politics about 8 years ago, but got pretty fed up with it because the reality is that there's no honesty.
i've voted 3 times in my life because i have the right to do it & because it's a special freedom.
i've never backed any particular candidate with strong conviction.
i've pretty much taken the "lesser of two evils" approach.
right or wrong, it's just the way i've done it because i don't believe that any politician will ever share my beliefs or be strong enough to live out the type of convictions that i hold to be most valuable.

but here's what i do know. 
no matter who wins, no matter what party has control over this country, there is still One who has ultimate control over the universe.
no matter whose faces appears in the little oval as the next president in the back of our history books, 
God is still sovereign & will reign victoriously.
He has already written the outcome.
He's already planned our future.
And it's in Him that i place my hope.
it's in Him that i place my trust.


  1. Poor little guy. Give that boo boo a kiss for me!

  2. Aww, so glad Eli is ok! Luckily Mike was close by!


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