Friday, January 25, 2013

high five for friday

hey! it's friday! 
that means it's time to link up with lauren over at from my grey desk who is saluting friday with her
high five for friday link up. we are taking a look at our five favorite things this week.
check it out!

1. date night ~ friends, i'll be honest, i seriously cannot remember the last time we went out on a date. i mean, that's not saying much because you know i can't remember what i ate for dinner 4 days ago, but it was WAY OVERDUE!!!!! we had some gift cards so we had dinner at the OG and of course, had to have dessert at sweet frog. of course!  we also went to target. yep, we are classy people.  when we were dating, we used to play this game where we would buy each other little gifts at random times at whatever store we happened to be in.  so we played last night & one of my gifts was that very special rose :) mister thought he was playing it smart because it's "reusable".  hmmm...will that really work?
2. devotions ~ i started a new reading plan with she reads truth this week. i can't tell you enough how much i enjoy this!
3.  dance party ~ here are 2 little facts about me: i love music & i love dancing. when i was younger & would dream about my future life, i would always dream about the dance parties that my kids & i would have! as a kid, on saturday nights, i remember listening to my dad's records & dancing.  lots of CCR, fleetwood mac & rolling stones.  i cherish those memories & i so want my kids to have the same kind of memories.  the other day we had an impromptu dance party that seriously made my cup overflow.  michael franti's "the sound of sunshine" came on & i just started dancing around. eli came over & i grabbed his hand & he started jumping & dancing.  we were both laughing & having the most joyous, carefree moment.  i WILL NOT forget this moment!
4. packages ~ i was crafting like crazy this week & made a couple gifts to send to eli's future wife.
5. breakfast ~ next to ice cream, breakfast is my favorite. we eat breakfast for dinner probably once a week & for years my mom & i have met for breakfast a couple times a month. this week we (my parents, eli & i) hit up the hershey pantry. if you know my dad, you know that driving an hour to get a meal is no big deal. usually it's some restaurant he's read about in a magazine. omgoodness, so much food & so good!

it has started snowing here & i'm in need of a hot drink. definitely hot chocolate.
but before i do that, i'm leaving you with this because you'll definitely want to do yourself the favor & have a listen. if this doesn't make you want to dance, well, then there's just something wrong with you & you'll want to get that checked out. soon.

hope you'll stop in again soon.
stay warm & have a great weekend!!


  1. LOOOOVE #SheReadsTruth! Yay for date night too. Gotta love that! Have a great weekend!! Stopping by and following from #H54F.



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