Monday, January 28, 2013

because i love to craft.

ok, so at the risk of sounding really cheesy, i'm going to try out a new series? segment? i 'm really not sure what to call it, but awhile ago my bff suggested i do something like this & so i'm taking her advice. she and i had a craft weekend a couple of months ago & naturally, as i'm sure is true for the vast majority of the crafting world, our projects were pinterest-inspired.  she thought since i have this wonderful little blog here that i should feature some of the projects that i complete {since lately projects are on my almost daily to-do list}.  maybe it will provide some "pinspiration" {yeah, i really did just say that} for you to complete that project that's been taking up space on your "DIY/craft/someday i'll get to it board".  

so here's where the cheesy part comes in: i came up with a name for this little venture. are you ready for this? 
it's kind of like a stamp of approval.
i'd love to show you something "pintastic" than land here.
oh my! have you seen these? hilarious!!

i have a few projects waiting in the wings, but since valentine's day is closing in on us, i thought i would kick off this post with a valentine's day project. 
i feel like these days you can make just about anything with a toilet paper roll, and with the amount of toilet paper we use in this house, i thought a project that would allow me to put some of those rolls to use might be good! 

i saw this project here and here
here's my version.

 if you know me, you know that i strongly, strongly dislike the color pink.
you might be thinking it must make picking things out for valentine's day really hard,
 however, i'm really good at it by now!
i'm really digging the red/robin's egg combo, so that's what i chose for this year.

 now, i'll be honest, i didn't read any tutorials before doing this, just looked at the pics.
{i totally missed the part where michelle suggests taping the tube and think this would have been a really good idea!}

i had some blank cards already that i had gotten at a.c. moore several years ago.
of course, cardstock would totally work too.
i didn't have a plan for my stamping, i just went with it.
 i personally liked that the hearts were imperfect. 

after the blue dried, i added some red. 

here's another design.

and another.

i'll be working on a few more, and maybe, maybe i'll let eli do one too. we'll see. the last time we tried painting, he just wanted to touch the wet paint & i had to force him to put the paintbrush on the paper.
someday we will paint together. 

anyway, i'd love to check out your "pintastic" projects.
what are you working on?


  1. So fun! This would be great with kids (or making cheesy cards for your friends/husband...etc). Thanks for sharing at Home for Hire :)

  2. Super cute! I love the 'Pintastic' series idea..segment..or whatever. :)

  3. Thanks for linking up Shannon! :) Five whole people on day #1!! Yay

    1. Gotta start somewhere, right? I'm working on another Vday post, so I'll be able to link up again soon!

  4. Umm....those are adorable! I wish I'd seen them before today! My preschoolers would love this! :) Found you through Holly's blog :)(

    1. Thanks! I was thinking that it would be fun to use them as stamps & you could probably still make some pretty fun art. I might even try to do a canvas sometime soon.


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