Monday, January 21, 2013


have you ever had a case of the mondays?
monday morning comes & you just want to snuggle back under the covers & drift back into that crazy dream you were just having & maybe just skip right to tuesday?
your friend texts you to go to the gym and you just pretend you never saw it?
you definitely stay in your pjs or sweats all day?
so, i'm not the only one?
ok, well this week i had a serious case of the mondays. 
it lasted until thursday. 
nothing got done, i ate so many things i shouldn't have & overall, i felt like a giant ball of blah. 
don't you just hate when that happens??
with my case of the mondays gone i managed to get some stuff done & we ended up having a pretty good week!
check it out!

 1. in serious need of a kick in the pants
2. a catnap in the car
3. a catnap on my leg
4. another CM workshop with my love
5. saturday morning snuggles
6. snuggles resulting in a mid-morning snooze

 1. i just can't handle the cuteness
2. new storage for the blocks
3. good sunday morning
4. birthday celebration for my parents

we also celebrated our nephew's birthday this weekend & eli had a blast! 

even though i already featured this picture on friday, i just loved this moment so much that it had to be the pic of the week.

here's to a better, more productive week!

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