Saturday, January 26, 2013

can i please freeze time?

sometimes i really wish that God had given us the ability to freeze time for just a minute or two to be able to imbed into our memories certain moments that we just don't want to ever forget.  i know, there are these wonderful contraptions called cameras that do just that.  but you know what i mean, right? sometimes a picture 5 years just doesn't do that moment justice.

it kind of reminds me of the movie "georgetown". did you ever see it? {if not, check it out, good movie!} where kirsten dunst's character is always taking her mental pictures? she holds her hands up as if she's holding a camera and "clicks".


as a new{ish} mom, i'm finding myself wishing for this ability more & more.  there are so many times i want to just stop & freeze eli.  i am just amazed day in and day out at this little boy. it is so much more amazing than i ever could have imagined to watch your child grow & develop. to experience life in new & exciting ways, all through the eyes of a child.  i mean, i find myself getting excited at the sight of a firetruck when i'm all alone because i know this is something that eli would find super exciting!  #momofaboy right??? 

the other day was a day i would've liked to freeze time, and it wasn't for any special reason. it was just one of those times. so i did the next best thing & captured some moments with the camera.

so thankful to be this boy's mama.

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