Friday, October 19, 2012

a nugget of Truth

lately i've been so blessed by this wonderful little source of awesomeness, that i just felt like i have to share.  
to be perfectly honest, i didn't want to at first.  
i wanted to keep it as my very own. this "source of awesomeness" that i could have all to myself.
but this morning, God began stirring my heart.
this is not something to be kept a secret because something is happening here.
hearts are being transformed. 
lives are being touched.
souls are being awakened.
this is something that definitely needs to be shared.

a few months ago, i came across a bible reading plan via an old friend's instagram feed. 
{the most likely of places, right?}
as she posted more and more pictures, i became intrigued.
here's what i found:

this is online community of women coming together to study the Word of God & spur each other on in growing in knowledge and love for our Savior.
did i mention it's awesome?

i've been struggling lately {months & months} with getting into the Word and not having it feel like just another thing to cross off my list.  
workout. check.
do the dishes. check.
read the bible. check.
there were so many days that i just wouldn't do it because my heart just wasn't in it & i felt like a fraud.
i started about a week & a half ago in the middle of a study on Ephesians & haven't missed a day.  
i love the comments left by other women that encourage me & make me think. 
i'm inspired by the creativity in the worship through art i see on the instagram feed
i love knowing that i'm apart of a group of women that have a desire to love Jesus more.
to know Him more intimately.
to love Him fully & completely.
to influence our worlds by His mighty power.

i've been following the blogs of the writers of SheReadsTruth { Kacia, Jessi, & Raechel} & it seems to me that God is doing something in the hearts of women.
i believe God wants to use women to begin a movement of restoration in our homes, churches & communities.  

i pray that i am one of those women. 
friends, we are in a battle here & the time is now.


  1. Shannon, you are an awesome writer. I bet if you wrote a book, it would be a best seller.

    1. Thank you, Kayla! You are too kind!


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