Sunday, October 28, 2012


so i guess if sandy wreaks havoc on us this week, this could be my only post until we emerge from our storm shelter.
i did decide to go to the store last night to grab a few things just in case
you know, stacy's pita chips, life cereal, sandwich ready tuna packets, apples, oranges & bananas.
yeah, water too...the last 2 cases in the entire store!
i really didn't want to be one of those people though
people are crazy! 

here's a peak into my week:

anyone else love raking leaves?
yeah, me either.
i raked twice this week but you would never know!
maybe sandy will take care of them for me?

my cousin donated some cupcakes for the food pantry on tuesday, and since it was our trick or treat night {if you're not from around here, yes, it's weird}, i decided to decorate them to hand out.
i attempted to make my own frosting, which was "eh" in my opinion. 
i added some candy corn to redeem them!

just a few shots from she reads truth this week.
we just started a study on philippians.
good stuff!

everything is a step for this little one latley.
baskets, bins, mike's work bag, toys.
if it holds him, he climbs.
on thursday i got to go to the orange tour.
it's a one day conference that goes around to various cities throughout the country.
this one was held at national community church.
i'm thinking a separate post will come later with my thoughts on the day. 
we've been into homemade pizzas lately.
i love it because i can enjoy whatever creation i want with no sauce!
{yes, i'm a weirdo & don't like pizza because i don't like tomato sauce}
i attended a baby shower this weekend to which we had to bring our own tea cup.
i'm not much of a tea person, so i don't own tea cups, but my mom gave this to me a couple of years ago for such occasions. 
someone gave it to her when i was born, and i love it! 

this week i taught pre-k, and as i was preparing materials, i was so thankful for this awesome reminder!

and speaking of pre-k, this had to have been one of the sweetest things i've ever seen.
he was just sitting there "reading" his bible, tucked in his little cubby hole for the longest time. 

today our church celebrated its 5th birthday.
we started with just a handful of us in our pastor's living room, and have grown into an awesome community & family. 
we are so blessed to call this our church home.
1. we took the kids into "big church" this morning where we go to worship with glow sticks!
then tonight we had a party that was such a blast!
2. this is the closest that eli will get to halloween this year. doesn't he make such a cute cowboy?
3. we signed up for the cornhole tournament & we brought it! competitive much? we only won 2 games, but we did shut one team out, so that was cool. 
well, i guess we'll see what happens in the next few days! 
could be a week full of firsts:
first time losing power for multiple days. 
first time losing power for multiple days with a one year old.
first time existing on stacy's pita chips & almond butter sandwiches.
{except that the pita chips may or may not be finished off by tonight}
first time i won't be able to check instagram 86 times a day because my phone is dead.
oh boy! 
have a great week, and be safe if you're in the path of "frankenstorm".
{seriously, why do they do this?}

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