Tuesday, October 16, 2012

remember when....

remember when i started a blog and then just fell off the face of the earth?
remember when you all were so worried about me and missed reading about the all the wonderful things happening in the world of the rubins?

well, have no fear, people, i'm back!
where was i, you ask? 
to be honest, despising the use of the computer! 
i go through periods where i will use my computer every night {hours spent on pinterest, anyone?}
then i go through periods where i do not even want to look at it.  
it's a great dynamic for one who wishes to maintain a blog, right?

but i have really missed blogging & have been so inspired by others' blogs lately 
{yes, back in a season of constant computer usage}
& so, i'm making another attempt to do this blog thing.

i'm not going to inundate this post with a recap of every last detail of life over the last 5 or so months since i've been MIA, but i do have pics to share.  
{aren't there always!}

here are just a few {how do i pick just a few} of my faves from the last few months & 
don't worry, plenty in the future to come!

1. our first family trip to the beach
2. lots of time spent outside cooling off 
3. our little boy turned 1! {how did that happen??}
4. a shot from our one year photo shoot
5. also from our photo shoot
6. after {barely} eating his cupcake at his party
7. enjoying the last bit of good weather outside

looking at these i see how much that little boy has grown!  

well, i thank you for checking back in....
i look forward to meeting you here again soon!


  1. So precious!! I think the cupcake is my favorite. =]

    1. thanks! i just wish he would've gotten messier!! it was a battle trying to get him to eat it...who would've thought!!


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