Sunday, October 21, 2012


whoa! three posts in one week!
i know, i'm on a roll!
not to send you on overload, but it is sunday & that means it's picture time!

 last sunday when i came out of church, i had a flat. 
some of you may know the alpha male i married.
some of you may know that's not so very true :)
thank goodness for the manly men of providence community.
funny that our message that day was on relationships: keeping it real & banding together.
why is it that women always have more bathrooms, yet such LONG lines??? 
 this is at the apple harvest festival where we went after church.
 i got to partake in one of the most wonderful delicacies of all time: apple sausage. it is so good.
this year i bought some to bring home!
we're really trying to get a little more organized {key word: trying}
this week we worked in the office.
the boss man made sure we didn't take any unwarranted breaks.

sometimes i think charlie looks like the saddest dog in the world. 
i just love him. 

as i mentioned in the previous post, i've been following She Reads Truth.
just a snippet from my journal this week.

now for two very exciting happenings this week:
1. i finally gave eli a haircut
2. eli has started walking

here is a pre-haircut pic:
it was soooo long & shaggy.  
the back was hanging over his shirt collar. 
it was driving me crazy.

i tried to get a better one, but when i asked him to look at me this is what i got:
such a monkey!

here's the aftermath.  
it doesn't look nearly as bad as it was for real.
i had cleaned up most of the hair.
the only way i could get it done was to let him play in the sink.
this was also post-haircut :)

i took eli to the library to play this week & that's where he decided to let loose.
here's just a little glimpse i caught:
{just a note: the voice you hear is not eli, though it seems to fit perfectly}

thanks for checking in {again}.
have a great week!


  1. Oh goodness, I have really been missing the idea of pumpkin patches and fall festivals this year, but it just hasn't worked out for us! I really can't wait for all of these fun little moments!


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