Monday, May 14, 2012

my week(s) via instagram

this week  the past 2 weeks consisted of:
{i failed to post last week}
play dates,
shower planning,
a photo shoot,
yummy treats,
trips to the Y because of yummy treats,
dress shopping,
family time,
a sweetfrog date,
lots of laundry,
a walk for life,
mother's day
and of course, reading & drawsomething.

 eli definitely has a new friend in grace.
they had a blast together & mommy enjoyed some friend time too :)

 bridal shower planning has begun for a long-awaited bride!!  
i'm so excited about this!!!

 we got to take engagement photos for said bride, my incredible friend, smitty.
i can't wait to start editing these.

 one day i was craving pretzels with honey mustard which made me think of my friend josh, so i took this for him.
this was one of our favorite snacks in addition to
"where's waldo" spaghetti-o's & nerds.

my awesome hubby brought me my FAVORITE ice cream of all time: 
cappuccino crunch from the crab shack. 
it was a "just because i was thinking about you treat".
what a great guy :)

i got to have lunch with my girls the day we went dress shopping.
the dress shop happened to be right next to chipotle.
it was totally jen's idea, but she totally read my mind.

definitely made sure i made it to the Y this week.
i even tried out a new class.
hello out of shape & sore for 3 days.

this was a much more relaxed day of exercise.
i love walking through our neighborhood. 

here are our little dressing room buddies.  
they were so good while we decided on our matrons of honor dresses.

ok, so as i said, i played a little drawsomething...ok a lot of it.
i took a picture of my choices at one point in one of my games:

i would LOVE to see a picture of "shart".
seriously, i would!

lots of editing going on from our photo shoot.
what a great day this was!

it's going to take some serious discipline not to go to sweetfrog every week.
i love this place.

we got to hang out with ethan & grace again this week.
grace loved on eli & eli loved every second of it!

grace did my nails for me, which incidentally, i did not take off for 3 days.
{yeah, here they don't look too bad, but in real life they looked like a 3 year old did them.}

ethan had a blast playing kinect.
he really wanted to box me, so i took on the challenge.
i still hold my undefeated title.

  i participated in a walk for life on saturday with my parents.
what a beautiful day for a walk!

after the walk, i came home to tackle loads & loads of laundry.

but this chocolate helped push me along :)

then i got to celebrate being the momma of this little boy.
what a joy!!

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  1. AHH hahaha! I would love to see a picture of "shart" too!


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