Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my week via instagram

remember the whole vegetarian campaign?
well, we've completed 2 weeks, and i gotta say, i'm really not missing meat all that much.
{it's only been 2 weeks}

the major issue we run into is finding things for mike to eat.  
he's such a picky eater.
i'm afraid that 10 more weeks of salad, pasta, pizza & stir fry will get pretty old!
however, i will commend him on his willingness to try some new things. 
even if he doesn't like them, he has been more willing to at least TRY them.
for that i am very happy!

here are some things he tried:
asparagus - loved
brussels sprouts - would eat again {me, not so much!}
"meatless" meat - absolutely not
curry vegetables - would probably eat again
quinoa - good in small doses

i found these little goodies recently:
dipped in a little hummus...makes for a yummy treat!

i've also been hitting the Y several times a week.
telling myself, "it's ok, i just had a baby" doesn't really work anymore! 

got to go on a date with my hubs this week.
we got a sitter & headed to chipotle....my choice!
oh how i love burritos!!

since turning off our cable, i've been reading again. 
i LOVE to read. i'm such a book nerd.
before eli, during the summer, i would go to the library every week & check out 4 books.
i got my love of reading from both of my parents, but my ability to tear through a book definitely comes from my dad. 

speaking of my dad.....
he watched eli one day for us & they must've played hard because he didn't even hear us come in.
he was snoring up a storm!
i emailed this pic to my mom & when he found out i took it, he called me to tell me how cruel it was. then he told me he would remember this.
i wonder what he'll think when he finds out i made him famous on my blog.

ok, anyone else play draw something?
i am so hooked on this game. i love it!
mike thinks i'm ridiculous, but i don't care.
he asked me one day why i like it so much.
you know, there really isn't a point to it. no real end goal.
but i told him i just like it because i like to draw! 
here's a picture i drew this week:
isn't he cute?
mike tells me i'm "gross"

i snapped this one day after a nap. 
i just love his little toes sticking out from the bars & his hair sticking up over the top! 
so stinkin' cute!

if i remember correctly (which is a huge problem for me....i don't remember very much), i think it rained a couple days? 
i do know it was cold & we stayed in our pj's & sweats a few days.
but one day we hung out in eli's room to play. 
of course charlie follows us wherever we go & got comfy while we played.

saturday we went to breakfast with my parents. 
usually we go to dutch country (my fave) but this week we went to the little red schoolhouse.
i hadn't been there probably since college & i forgot how cute it is.
i was in love with all of their vintage coffee pots. 

this is eli hanging out with his new friend, bella.
we hung out with our neighbors on sunday who recently started coming to providence.
i have to give a shout out to tom & valerie for being awesome hosts to us!
{they told me they read my blog}
they invited us over, but we never really confirmed with them that we were coming. 
so when we showed up, they were so awesome, serving us up all kinds of grilled veggies & even some ice cream :)
bella was super excited to have eli there & even more excited that she got to feed him cheerios!

so #photoadayapril came to an end this week & now i get to start #mayphotoaday
here are the end of april photos:
 day 23: "vegetable" - our delicious vegetarian dinner of baked sweet potato (for me anyway), asparagus & salad

day 24: "something you're grateful for" - this bruise was a reminder that God totally protected eli from what could have been a very serious injury.
a metal pole came crashing down on me as someone was taking down our children's ministry sign at church.
the pole fell on my right side, i was holding eli on my left side.
a minute before this happened, he has been laying across my lap.
as you can imagine, it hurt pretty bad, but i was in total shock after it happened because i could not erase the image of what would've happened had eli been hit.
it still freaks me out just a bit!

 day 25: "looking down" - from dink's point of view....he's thankful he gets some time on my lap every once in awhile.

day 27: "somewhere you went" -
having gone through the books i had at home & borrowed, i headed to the library this week to get a new stack.  
i'm well on my way through it already!

day 29: "circle" - this is the necklace that mike gave me on our wedding day representing the bond between the 2 of us & God.

day 30: "something that makes you sad" - it makes me sad that my grandparents aren't around to meet eli. it makes me sad that he will never know them in person because they were 4 really great people!
this is the 4 of them with me (4 months old) at my dedication.
on a side note: i thought eli has a lot of hair, but whoa! i had a ton!

sorry this was a long one. without those collages, it seems endless!
but thanks for checking in. 
i think i'm gonna go read!

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  1. I've read No Longer a Slumdog. Very powerful book!
    And jeez Louise, so glad you moved the baby! What a scary moment. =[


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