Wednesday, April 17, 2013

that time my picture was floating around pinterest.

so i just have to share a funny story with you all.
i'm just sitting here chuckling to myself, though also a little nervous, but once i get done with the story, you'll understand why.  

a couple of days ago a friend from church writes to me on FB asking if i knew that my picture was floating around pinerest.  
at first i thought it might be a scam & someone hacked her FB account. i responded with a "what??" thinking that if it was a hack, she would see it & could do something about it.
but then the more i thought about it, i began to get scared that someone stole my picture & was using it as their identity, which i've seen happen before. 
or even worse, that someone was using my picture to advertise something gross or weird.
i got a little nervous about how easy it is to get pictures off the internet & all that, so it's definitely not out of the realm of possibilities, right?

fast forward to today when she responds back to my message:

 "I was on my home page looking at pins and all of the sudden this pic went by, and I was like wow, that really looks like Shannon! So I followed the link to some lady's blog who wrote an article about how to raise a baby on a budget and the photo accompanying it was one of your maternity pics by Kelsey Shearer where you were sitting amongst packages of diapers!"

hmmm...kind of like this one?
{photo credit to the amazing kelsey shearer from lovefusion photography}

ok, there is definitely no cleaning being done today until i figure this out & find this picture! 
{said by me to myself}
 thus begins mad searching on pinterest until, lo & behold, sure enough, there's me....several times all up & down the pinterest page.
i clicked on the picture & was directed here.

is that not crazy?????
i mean, it's pretty funny, right?
you find a random picture of yourself out there on someone else's blog that you have not intentionally put there?
 it's funny, BUT it's a little nerve-wracking too because you find a picture out there on the internet on someone else's blog that you did not intentionally put there or have knowledge of. 

so there you have it folks, your tip of the day:
beware of what pictures might be floating around on pinterest of you!


  1. oh my gosh, that's insane! at least it's a cute picture! i've been thinking about putting watermarks on mine, but thought it was too much trouble. now it kinda makes sense!

    1. it does take so much extra time, but i guess it's worth it! though kelsey's photography name was on the picture. apparently she got it off of flickr. i guess you just have to be careful of where you post pictures as well.

  2. that is crazy! hmm..I've thought about watermarking mine too. Guess it's time. What do you use to do it?

    1. i use picmonkey. it's pretty easy to do, it just takes some extra time.

  3. oh my gosh! that would freak me out....

    1. yeah, definitely makes you think twice!


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