Monday, April 15, 2013


i don't know about you, but i am sooooooo happy that spring is really finally here. 
i don't think that i've been more ready for spring in all my life. 
i'm so ready to shed the warmer clothes, let a little sun soak into my skin (with sunscreen on, of course), and take in the fragrances of new blooms, freshly cut grass, and the first signs that grilling season will soon be upon us.

i know having a little one in the house makes a lot of the difference.  
in these current days of teething & stir craziness, getting outside changes him into a brand new little boy. 

spring & all it's new possibilities can do that for a person, can't it?
this is why i love spring.
stepping into the sunshine, casting off the cold & darkness of winter.
embracing the idea of a fresh start.
signs of this new season reveal themselves every day & i'm reminded that a new season is beginning for me too. 
what this new season holds i'm really not sure, but i'm always more hopeful in spring. 


  1. Getting outside with kids is SO helpful! Right now all my kids want to do is be outside, I'm not sad about this.


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