Monday, December 17, 2012

The Answer is Real.

My heart has been heavy the last 2 days, but probably not why you think.
What happened on Friday was an absolute senseless tragedy. I can't begin to even imagine what the community is feeling right now, however, that isn't what is weighing me down.

What's weighing me down is that people take a tragedy like this & begin to point fingers & place blame, but the reality is there is already an answer to the problem.
It's not a matter of gun control or second amendment rights or good parenting or too many violent video games or troubled childhoods.
The answer to the problem was given to us over 2000 years ago.
The answer to the problem has a name.
His name is Jesus.

My heart grieves because people ignore the answer to the problem.
My heart grieves because people pretend like He doesn't exist.
Last night I read a terrible article that proves it.
Have you seen this?

 THIS is what makes me grieve.
THIS is what hurts my heart.
Dump the MYTH?

In a time that families are searching for answers and crying out for comfort, a billboard is raised telling us to "Dump the MYTH".

JESUS is NOT a myth!
JESUS is so very, very real!
I'm so very positive that as Our Heavenly Father sent His Son to die a horrific death on a cross for every single person in this world, He most certainly would attest that it was not a myth.
When Jesus became sin and paid the penalty by enduring hell for us, I'm sure that separation from his Father was very real.
It was so very real.
The scars on his hands and feet and in his side are so very real.
His love that He pours out so lavishly is so very real.
The way He transforms lives is so very real.

If we want to see change in this world, we need to embrace the One who is able to bring change.
Because the reality is, senseless tragedies will happen again.
It doesn't matter what law is passed or how many safety precautions you put into place.
 There is an Enemy in this world that will use whatever it takes to deceive and destroy.
He doesn't play favorites, and he doesn't play nice.
Until Jesus comes back, we will continue to experience pain and heartache in this world.
But He offers us hope.
 He offers us peace.
He offers us comfort.
He offers us friendship like no other.
He offers us to make us whole.
He offers to take our burdens.
He offers us Life.
He offers us freedom.

How can He be a myth?
Love like this is not a myth.
It is so very real.


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