Sunday, December 30, 2012


So it's all over.
Christmas has come and gone, and yes, I'm quite sad about it. 
It never lasts long enough. 
I think this year was especially different because our little boy spent the latter half of Christmas day with a fever. 
It made me really sad to see him not being able to enjoy Christmas because he didn't feel well.
AND we didn't even get a family picture.
Yes, I am sad about that too & yes, we will put on the same clothes we were wearing and recreate the night so we can get that picture...once the sickness has left our house.
Our poor boy is still fighting this nasty flu bug & it stinks!
He's never been sick before so this is new for us. 
We're just taking it day by day & praying that we don't get it! 
Good thing we didn't have big NYE plans! 

Enjoy 2 weeks worth of pics since last week I sort of fell asleep.

 1. Praising Jesus
2. She Reads Truth goodness
3. Visiting a horse
4. Kisses for Dink Dink
5. Socks & a diaper
6. Saving money on gas? Yes, please!
7. New scarf from a friend
8. Wrapping gifts
9. Double-fisting it

1. New game
2. Thinking I might get some quiet time before everyone wakes up....didn't happen
2. Valentine's already???? On Christmas EVE???
3. So much to do but so comfortable sitting right here
3. New traditions
4. Can you imagine this electric bill? 

Christmas morning 

Christmas evening

and pretty much the rest of the week.

 1. New purse (belated birthday gift)
2. Terrible decorations
3. Family white elephant
4. Proud new owner of Tickle Me Elmo gloves
5. Pillow hog
6. The one day we got dressed this week
7. The rest of the week looked like this

Looking forward to a New Year! 
2013, here we come!

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