Sunday, December 16, 2012


this has been my excuse for everything lately.
forgetting to make phone calls.
forgetting to pay bills.
skipping workouts.
feeling slightly exhausted.
we've started the redo of our living room & this has consumed just about all of my free time the last couple of weeks.  
we're probably about halfway done & won't make our christmas deadline, but that's ok. 
i have discovered that while i love projects, i'm not quite cut out for full time interior design!
i am excited to share some of said projects with you in upcoming days, so stay tuned.
 for now it's time for:

1. cuddly kitty
2. cuddly puppy
3. rockin' daddy's hat
4. using mommy as a footrest

1. nervous about getting a haircut
2. unhappy about the haircut, hence a ponytail
3. "fixed" haircut that was not quite fixed

1. getting ready for a pinterest party
2. big boy helper
3. the original muppet movie
4. his & her hot chocolate
5. hot chocolate & pj's
5. handmade ornament

i'm hoping this week won't be quite so busy because i probably should do some christmas shopping for those things that i can't make. 
{i'm thinking my husband probably wouldn't really appreciate or have a use for felt ornaments or garland or felt flower pins.}

and i have tons of photos on my camera to upload to share!!
have a great week!

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